Social Eatz Review

Been eating out a lot this past week, mostly because a friend came to visit from Japan. One of the restaurants we ate at was Social Eatz, an American-Asian restaurant/bar by chef Angelo Sosa. My sister met him once for an interview and said their famous bibimbap burger was really good, so I even though I only had four hours of sleep that day, I had to go and try it!

waiting outside of social eatz

The place wasn’t too big or fancy, but the colors (surprisingly to me) felt very welcoming. However, I really don’t like their name XD I know that socializing is their goal, but eatz???? It sounds very unprofessional, if it wasn’t for my sister I wouldn’t have stepped into this place LOL

addicting appetizers

We started off with their crispy fries and toga rings as appetizers. Their toga rings (onion rings) were quite good, but not as good as the ones I’ve had at 3rd floor restaurant in ktwon (which was basically the only food I enjoyed their, other than the kimchi fried rice), maybe because they weren’t crunchy enough. But, their fries were reallyyyy good!! I think it was because it was crispy enough, their seasoning and the sweet sauce they provided (which reminds me of kid-o, these taiwanese crackers). Obviously the whole table loved it as we finished it in a few minutes and had a second order of it as well.

tomato curry soup

We also shared a tomato curry soup, which was one of the best soup I’ve had! It’s more of a sweet curry (due to the tomato), which I love!!!! It was also very creamy, my favorite type of soup > 3<“!! I definitely recommend this!! Everyone that tried it at our table loved it as well.

chili kissed tilapia taco with avocado

Since my sister tried the burger last time, she got their other well-known dish, chili kissed tilapia with avocado. It was pretty good, but not the best fish I’ve had (I loved the black cod at Morimoto!) XD But I do love avocado :3 Actually, this dish was pretty healthy so if it wasn’t for the burger, I would’ve gotten this.

bibimbap burger

Finally what you’ve all been waiting for! The bibimbap burger, which really lives up to it’s fame! One of the best burger I’ve had :3 It had one of my favorite food in it, half cooked egg, and I also love pickled vegetables XD The patty itself was really juicy and good as well, and didn’t feel greasy. The bun itself was good as well, just too big for me so I only had half of it. The only downside was that the combination of pickled vegetables and sauce made it soggy and it dripped easily, so it was a bit messy and hard to eat. So after eating halfway like a regular burger, I had to resort to eating it like a steak haha~ But it was really good!

yuzu cream puffs

We finished off with some desserts, they chose to get yuzu cream puffs, which was a bit of a disappointment. It was nothing like the cream puff we usually eat, this was more like a doughnut since it was fried adn the cream was on the outside. A friend suggested it might have been better with regular cream instead of the yuzu. I did, however, liked the green seasoning on it, I’m not sure what it is, but it gave it an interesting texture and taste. If I had my way, I would’ve got the chocolate toffee brownie instead (chocolate lover here XD).

Overall, it was a nice restaurant to eat with friends as the service was great and the burger, fries and soup were really good!!!

I also changed my layout, I wanted something a bit more clean, classy and elegant. Hope you guys like the new layout ^^

 judyhime chan♥


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