Finally!! The semester is over :D

After a few stressful weeks, the semester is finally over for me! It actually went by really quick, with many days living in the work room hahahaha But I learned a lot more in this semester and hope to learn even  more in the last year of my BFA degree ^_^

the intimate family ♥

That’s the girls of the intimate specialization at FIT, i love them ♥ i don’t know what i’ll do if i wasn’t in this specialization!!!!

intimate apparel professor

she worked for dior before, so her taste level is really high which really helped elevate all of ours, so i’m very grateful for her and for how much she’s taught me 🙂

trying on our slips~

for the final project we all made full control slips, so here we are trying them on. good thing there are no guys in our class so we just took off our tops to wear it becuase it was looking funny with our tops underneath hahahahha

studying for japanese final…

so the final test i had that day was japanese final. i had a 5 hour break so i tried studying… but as you can see i didn’t go very far because i started camerawhoring hahahaha well i was the first to finish the test in any case so, whatever~~~~~

my sensei♥

my sensei and i~ i’m going to miss her so much! she taught me for four semesters and she got to know all of us and our interests. i think i’m about to cry > u <“!!

一年又過了。很多好跟不好的回憶,但是沒有遺憾 🙂

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A Day with Katherine♥

Yesterday I had my “date” with Katherine/Tomoyo ♥ It was filled with things I loved – Rose House, waffles, chatting and catching up, playing with hairstyles, photoshoots, walking around.

I was craving waffles since the day I shopped with Sandy (last saturday), so I decided to get that at Rose House. Katherine got their rose cheesecake with fruits. I thought they would’ve gave a bigger pieces judging by the price of $6.99, but it was a really small slice O__O” Now we know not to get their desserts next time XD The waffle size was good though, for $9 you get quite a thick waffle. But the atmosphere of the place is nice, just the wallpapers always bothers me XDD Why don’t they just use a ivory with a slight design!??? Why that random colored floral wallpaper?????? Makes no sense!! It brought down the level of classiness .__.” To make it up, they have a lovely selection of classical music and a welcoming rose aroma in the restaurant.

Afterwards, we went to the basement and saw pretty butterfly decorations hanging from the ceiling which led me to take photos by the columns. Hehehe I make all my friends do a photoshoot for me 8D Here’s Katherine’s photographer moment! (Though I edited the image with my iphone and photoshopped out unnecessary background details LOL)

A friend thought I went to Europe for these photos LOL I wish I can go to Europe!! I really want to visit Paris and London~~ When I get a boyfriend, I’m going to drag him with me :3

After our mini photoshoot, Katherine did my hair as promised. People kept staring at us and some guy even gave us a thumbs up WTH LOL I don’t even know – 3 -” It came out soooooo pretty!!! So we’re planning another mini photoshoot with the hairstyle, most likely going to be a casual bride look ^_^ Also, the conair bobby pins we bought at Target is really good, so if anyone is looking to buy a new pack of bobby pins definitely check out the 90count Conair bobbypins XD For only $2.24 + tax, it gives a really good hold!

Originally we kept the hair down like that, but she thought it looked unbalanced so she put it up in a bun, something very different than what I usually do with my hair, so it was a fun look for me.

My hairstylist and me!!! Isn’t she so cute :3 I love her dusty pink blazer too. I bought the same one when we went shopping, but blazers just aren’t for me so I had to return it T__T” I don’t think structured looks really match me >”<

It was really nice catching up with her, and talking about all my problems with life LOL Thank you for being patient and listening to me ramble on and on XD Did you know that I knew her since 7th grade?????? So it’s been 9 years!!!!! That’s crazyyyyyyy. I’m so glad we kept in touch all this time, and became even closer and closer, one of my bestest friends :3 ♥ Can’t wait for summer so we can hang out more!!

Did a very natural look today. I was a bit scared to walk out of my house without a face caked with make up since I had heavier make up the day before for the photoshoot, but some ladies came up to me and complimented me saying they thought I was pretty, so I felt relieved XD I really have some selfesteem/self conscious issue hahahaha

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow in Copper Chic
e.l.f. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Golden Goddess
Car Mela Mascara Composition (which is really weird to use but I’ll write a review after I use it one more time)

No eyeliner yesterday! I hate removing eyeliner, it takes foreverrrr, or maybe I’m just bad at removing it XD I wore blue circle lenses, but for some reason everytime I wear the blue ones I get an eye infection, and these are daily ones that I don’t rewear!! So I’m kind of scared of wearing them again LOL

I’m also excited because Katherine told me about possible collaborations with her friends since one does jewelry and the other one is good with nails. So if possible, maybe I can model those for them, and if it does happen I would be so happy because I always wanted to do those kind of collaborations! So just waiting to see what happens now. Life is getting exciting for me. I’m finally enjoying life thanks to my bestest friends that helps me view life differently ^__^

judyhime chan♥

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My Skincare Routine

my skin when i just wake up

I’ve been requested by Michelle to do a post about the skincare products I used. I’ve also been asked by a few friends how I take care of my skin, so I thought I might as well do the post now XD I don’t have time right now to do an individual review, so this is more an overview of products I use. So if you’re interested in a specific one, just drop a comment and I’ll review that one during my spring break 🙂

the ones I wouldn't rebuy

Let’s start with “the bad” shall we? They aren’t necessary bad, just I didn’t like them as much haha~ The L’oreal White PerfectRadiance Boosting Double Essence, I didn’t like how they were separate tubes so sometimes you get more of one cream than the other, so at the end you might have more white than pink. It also didn’t smell that great. The Mentholatum Acnes moisturizer didn’t smell good in my opinion XD I heard a lot of good things about the Origins spot removal acne treatment , but didn’t really work for me. Origins clear improvement mask is good, just not worth the price to me (I don’t use it that often as well). St. Clare and the nose strips – I’m terrified of things that I have to peel of my face LOL so that’s the reason behind those three. The two Olay White Radiance creams makes my face more yellow toned than brightening.

Clarisonic Mia 2 - size comparison to face

What my friend Jason and me call “Mia Baby.” I use this at night when I wash my face, and it makes my face feel smoother afterwards. It is costly ($149) as compared to Mia 1 ($119), but I got Mia 2 because it comes with two speeds and a timer, which is useful because I know when to move on to the next part of my face. It also comes with a refreshing gel cleanser, a really neat charger (you don’t plug it into the cleanser, instead it’s kind of like a magnetic force between the two!) and a case that Mia 1 doesn’t come with. The Mia 1 & 2 is smaller than their regular one, but I heard it makes it easier to hold.

Cleansing Products

I really enjoy using these cleansing products. The Arenes facial cleansing gel was from my dad, I just use it because I just needed any cleansing gel as first step in cleansing my face. It’s great since it really is gentle, and plus it’s organic. The Mentholatum Acnes medicated clear & whitening wash makes my face feel really refresh afterwards. The Uriage gentle total exfoliant is what I use for my blackheads on my nose, which I think works a lot better than all the other blackhead products I’ve used. The Origins Modern Friction is pure love! It really makes my face smooth and brighter after using it. It’s totally worth the price! Wish I got a bigger bottle instead.

Toners and Pore Treatments

My Beauty Diary Rose and White Peony Brightening Mist is really re freshening (since it’s a spray), but I use it more to wake up than as a toner. The L’Oreal White Perfect and Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying toner both feels really nice and smells nice as well. The Body Shop toner also helps refines my pores, so I love it. In the morning, I sometimes use the Body Shop pore perfector on my nose, and on photoshoot days I would use the Boscia T-zone treatment since it gets rid of shine and pores.

Moisturizers and Sunscreen

I loveeee the Body Shop’s seaweed mattifying day cream that I use on photoshoot days to make sure my face doesn’t get oily. After that I apply my L’Occitane bouclier radieux uv shield as sunscreen. I love the smell of it and how it makes my face look brighter, but it is somewhat oily and costly. That’s why I was so happy to find a dupe of it; The Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Tint Milk. It’s cheaper and it also makes my face brighter. I use the Garnier Skin Renew serum time to time just to add extra moisture to my face (my mom bought it) and it smells really good haha~ Then for night, I loveee my Boscia revitalizing black hydration gel! It’s a really neat bottle that you press down and the gel comes out of a hole, and it’s a black gel with glitter, which disappears upon usage and goes on clear. After using it, your face will feel very refreshed and minty!

my beauty diary masks

I love love love facial masks! When I have time, I try to do it once a week. I, unfortunately, betrayed My Beauty Diary masks once and tried this one my dad gave me, and my punishment was my forehead got oilier and broke out, which took awhile to clear up since it was during the summer. My lesson learned; never use any other facial mask other than My Beauty Diary! I love the smell and how mosturizing it is. My face feels so nice and smooth afterwards! My favorite ones so far is the black pearl, red wine and Bulgarian White Rose mask.

Masks and Other Treatments

As stated, I love masks! The other mask I enjoy using is Origins Out of Trouble Mask that helps clarify your skin. However it does smell like medical ointment, quite costly and kind of hard to remove. Boscia luminizing black mask is the only product I made an exception to my fear of peeling a product off my face, because it does help clarify my skin as well. Your skin will feel tighter after using it, but it’s quite hard to peel off (for me anyways haha maybe it’s really because of my fear XD). I use the Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment on my T-zone at night because I have an oily T-zone >_< When I have acne, I use Mentholatum Medicated Sealing Gel, which works a lot better than the Origins spot removal acne treatment for me.

Eye products

For eyes, I like to use the Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming in the morning and The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream at night. The  weeks that I have time, I use my Kose Clear Turn eye zone mask Q10. I was trying to find more of it, but it’s expensive in US, so I asked my sister to get me the My Beauty Diary Intensive Double Vitamin C E eye mask from Taiwan. Between the two, I would recommend MBD one over the Q10 because it’s much more moisturizing, packaged indivdually for each pair and covers more of your eye. However, both does make your eye zone feel more refreshed and nice minty feeling after usage.

That’s all the products I use for skin care XD I know, I’m like all over the place with all these different brands and types… I’m an impulsive buyer hahahahaha~ But yup, if you want a more detailed review on any item, just let me know! ^__^ Also, if you’ve enjoyed this post I would really appreciate if you could drop a comment so I know it helped and share it with your friends/facebook so other people can make use of it as well ^^ Thanks♥

I feel like this post is appropriate for sharing this song I love from Brown Eyed Girls (they have really powerful vocals!)  since it’s called Cleansing Cream. Just watch the scary yet very meaningful MV and lyrics. Kind of like me right now, I wish I can forget about the guy I like. “Pretty make-up, what’s the use?”


FOTD 03.17.2012

My make up today! I started incorporating that new way I did make up for photoshoot into my regular make up, where I tight-line my bottom waterline. The main difference between my photoshoot make up and daily is the falsies and slightly lighter eyeshadow colors XD Here I’m using my favorite palette; too faced naked eye.

beautiful day out!

Went to a casting call with my manager Sandy♥ Love hanging out with her! Need to thank her a lot for telling me about it and going with me. Even if I don’t get in, it was an experience to learn from right? XD We went to Woorijip to get some lunch after the very quick casting call, and since it was a super beautiful day out (wish every day was like this!) we ate outside in Hearld Square. Only problem was the pigeons flying around, I was so scared they will either steal my food or poop in my food or on my head -____-” LOL Thank god nothing happened and I ran as soon as I finished eating (I eat too slow X__X”)

Woorijip Broiled Mackerel

Most of the dishes at Woorijip had rice or noodles, so I chose this broiled mackerel, since I’ve been loving fish more and more recently. It’s also part of my new diet XD Though it’s not going so well, after P told me I should eat carbs so I started eating carbs again and now I eat more… ugh. I need to stop again… But I’ve been going to the gym twice a week, and my mom says my legs are getting skinnier, so I’m glad something good is happening haha.

cute milk candy!

Sandy gave me two milk candy that she got from Taiwan. Look how cute the wrapper is!! Haha. I picked gold (my favorite metal color) and red (a recent color I’m addicted to haha). OMG it’s really good because it’s not really sweet, just enough and the macadamia nuts add some texture and additional flavor. :3 Definitely going to go buy some when I go back to Taiwan, unless it makes me fat… Does anyone know? LOL!

Sandy! 😀

We went shopping afterwards~ Went to forever21 first where I found the cutest union jack sweater! I saw it online, but it’s so much cuter in person, so I had to buy it since I love the Union Jack flag :3 We also found this white sweater we both liked, but only one S left and it was dirty, so we’ll be ordering it online hehe. After I receive it, I’ll write a whole forever21 haul post, been buying too much from them recently, but it’s all more mature/Korean style clothes. No more frilly fluffy clothes for me, I have too much that I barely wear haha

OOTD 03.17.2012

Leather Jacket – Forever21 (surprisingly, it doesn’t really look like a forever21 piece. a friend thought it was topshop haha)
Lace Bustier Like Top & Tulle Dress – AE (two guy friends have mentioned how it looked so lingerie haha well I am studying lingerie, so most of my clothes are lingerie-ish XD!)
Thigh high like stockings – Charlotte Russe (I love stockings that looks like thigh highs or garters :3)
Necklace – Vivienne Westwood

Today was a nice relaxing day compared to my week, but tomorrow it’s time to work hard again on HW. >__<”

judyhime chan♥

Start of 2012 Snapshots – Food

Wow one and a half month past by so fast!! I was so caught up with school work that I haven’t really have time to blog, but I finally have time to put up some snapshots of the past one and a half month (lots of things happened, good and bad, but mostly good especially because the “bad” part isn’t all that bad haha!!!!!! ;D). My winter break has actually been quite productive, I learned baking and cooking from S and a few other friends, went to a museum, did photoshoots <3, practiced applying makeup on other people (thanks s and “tomoyo”) and started going to gym again. However, I should’ve thought more about fashion design as well haha oh well!!

Since I have so much memories and such, this post will be mostly on food and i’ll make a separate post for makeup and photoshoots :3


S taught me how to make omurice!! it came out  pretty good except for a little hole i made on my egg piece… but it’s ohkay, you can’t see it ;D and the initials on it doesn’t stand for anything anymore haha!!! or it can stand for tomoyo’s real name’s initial, i think that’s better haha :3

nutella x banana x blueberry jam crepe

we also made crepes! the only toppings we had were nutella (by crushing ferrero rocher chocolate haha!! S is so smart ;D), banana and blueberry jam she made herself :3 i love crepes hehe

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Autumn Night Photoshoot ♥

Yesterday night, Sarah, Victor and I went to do a photoshoot at a lovely park in Long Island City~ The view of the skyline was amazing, and I loveeeeed the sound of the water splashing onto the rocks underneath the dock. I wish I can live in a loft by there >”< It’ll be my new goal! (I’ve always wanted a loft, at least now I know the location hahaha XD)

Sarah, Me & Victor on the train~

Both Victor and Sarah helped me take photos (though Victor took more his hands shook less XD) and I really loved the photos~ I think they are both very good photographers > u <” Thanks guys ♥

my new face~ you like? ;D

Here are a few of my favorites~

my favorite one~ :3

i like how he angled the picture > U <"!


Sarah took this one, i love it~ if only my face was a lil lighter ^^"

wish i had a bf to fill that empty seat next to me hahahaha~ XD

i’m flyingggggg~~ > 3<“

Top, Skirt & Vest; from night market in Taiwan
Necklace & Bracelet; Liz Lisa
Bag; ans
Boots; Charlotte Russe (modified by me, I made and sewed on the bows)
Headband; offbrand
Rings; Forever21

Anddd~~ FOTD! I was trying to do a Cyndi Wang inspired look for an upcoming tutorial~ I just got to learn how to use falsies and then I can make the video! :3 I also tried my new Mentholatum Water Color Kissy Pink lip balm~ By itself was a really strong orange-y pink, which does not match me at all >”< So here, I layered it over my Canmake lip concealer (I just bought the Candy Doll lip concealer which i’m waiting for to arrive to make a review!) to make softer 🙂 I don’t think I’ve mastered her look yet, I think my eyeliner was too thick, but I’ll try again tomorrow hehe! ^^

FOTD 2011/10/07

I also tried the Earl Gray Tea & Macaroon mask my friend gave me~ It was really refreshing, like their other masks. It was very moisturizing but it felt a bit thicker than my rose one, and the smell wasn’t as strong~ But it still made my face really smooth now hehe ^^

judyhime. ♥