Recent Purchases – Feb 2012

I haven’t really shopped much lately as compared to before, (got to start saving money! XD no more shopaholic judy!) but I did get some new items that I’m very happy with 😀

free covergirl lipstick in euphoria color

There was some promotion outside of my school where they gave free make overs (super long line so I didn’t bother doing it XD) and free lip sticks! You can pick one of the three featured lipsticks (spellbound – hot pink, delish – orangey beige, or euphoria – pink tinted red). I’ve been wanting to try red lipstick for the longest time (thanks to Hyuna haha!) so I chose euphoria. I thought it would be a dark red like in the model’s photo, but to my pleasant surprise it was a bit lighter and had a slight pink tint to it! It made it look much younger and a bit more natural. It’s more of a matte lipstick, and it does stain the teeth a bit. But I do love the color a lot!!! It’s also very easy to apply on ^__^ 9/10 stars!

trying red lips :3

bonus pic! half make up/half no make up XD

I actually bought this dress back in January and was planning on wearing it for Valentine’s day but that didn’t happen, and then I finally got a chance to wear it out ^_^ I ordered it from f21’s online webshop. I liked it because I’ve been looking for a pretty peachy pink chiffon dress and it reminds me of Jessica from SNSD for some reason XD

peachy pink chiffon dress from f21 | white furry jacket from ebay | furry bag from liz lisa

I was a bit afraid since strapless dresses tend to slide down easily, but f21 was kind enough to use silicone tape at the top of the dress so it didn’t slide down or move around much, which is great! The material is really soft, but the only problem is that the rhinestones on the dress will hook onto my jacket, and other things >_<”  other than that the quality is quite good and so is the construction! 8.5/10 stars

my sister also got me the rhinestone earphone plug for my iphone which is used to connect phone charms onto my phone! it’s such a neat idea, i love it!!! it came with a white pompom but i switched it to my lizlisa pompom set :3

i also got a white furry jacket to match the dress from a chinese ebay seller. there was only a xs size so i was afraid it’ll be too small on me, but it looked fine unzipped :3 but not so great looking when zipped XD

omiyage from my japanese classmate

one of my classmate from Japanese class was so sweet!! She went to Shanghai over break and bought me a very cute and soft earmuff! it has bows made out of lace and satin ribbon on both sides ^^

my new iphone case :3

Since the iphone case my ex gave me didn’t really protect much of the phone and the bow fell off, I ordered a new case from ebay. it’s hello kitty and super adorable!!! plus the silicone is actually a pretty good quality! If anyone’s interested in the ebay seller, just drop a comment ^^ (i was trying to imitate An Xin Ya in this photo haha but I’m not as cute as her >_<!!) 9/10 stars (minus one star is because the front is kind of “wiggly” sometimes XD)

union jack bag ❤ !!!!!!!!!

lastly!! my new favorite going out purse! i’ve been wanting a union jack bag for the longest time. My sister has one that’s blue x white x red, but im not a very colorful person so this monochromatic one is prefect for me!!! Too bad it wasn’t black x gold, but this is still pretty! The best part was it was $85 but there was 50% off so I got it for about $46 after tax ^ 3^ therefore this bag deserves 10/10 stars! XDDD

i want it >__<!!!

Now that I got my iphone again, I’m saving up for a mirrorless micro four thirds camera! I’ve been debating between Nikon J1 and Panasonic gf2, but I think the J1 looks a lot cleaner and cuter! However my friend told me Canon will be coming out with one soon, so I should probably wait and see if that one is good and then decide. I want to try photography too, but no friend models D: I’ve got to start looking hahaha~

Still waiting for two things to arrive from ebay :3 i love ebay hahaha i got to stop it though! XD

 judyhime chan♥


6 thoughts on “Recent Purchases – Feb 2012

  1. Yay, you’re getting better at saving money~ Keep it up, don’t get tempted!!

    lol I was wondering why you were randomly trying lipstick on XD Nice color choice plus it was free so that’s even better ;P
    Glad you got to wear that dress, it looks pretty and very ‘inspi Jessica ^^ Maybe you can put some clear nail polish on the rhinestones (the parts that get caught on other things)?

    • hehe yes! only buy things i love :3

      LMAO!! i like trying new things, keeps life more interesting right? ;D hehe yes! :3

      thank you, i’m glad you think so hehe. ohhhh good idea, i should try that ^^

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