Little Pie Company Review & OOTD

If you know me well, you would know I LOVEEEE desserts and sweets. I would eat less during dinner to save room for dessert hahahaha – 3-“. So when I saw a deal for 50% off at Little Pie Company (up to $10 discount), I asked S to go with me, and I dragged P along with us since he loves desserts too.

the pies :3

We each chose a 5″ pie. I was debating between the Pear Apple Crumb Pie {Anjou Pears & Granny Smith apples with a cinnamon crumb topping!}, since I love pies with crumbs on top, or the Threeberry Pie. Since S mentioned the Threeberry pie was featured on the food network, I decided to get that.

Banana Coconut Cream Pie {Fresh Bananas and coconut cream}

P got the banana coconut cream pie, which was reallyyy good. Even though I don’t like cream, I do love banana fruits and it was quite fresh tasting. They also kept the pie cold instead of heating it up, which really adds to the taste of it.

Threeberry Pie {Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries combined!}

Although my pie was really cute (loved the crisscross and pink colors), I didn’t like the filling as much as the other two pies. I also think because they microwaved it, but not long enough, it wasn’t hot enough to be really good, it was too inbetween temperature >_<” I did like the crust though. but I’m a sucker for pie crusts haha. I was getting full and since P mentioned getting shake shack afterwards, I couldn’t finish my pie. Thankfully I had P there to finish it for me XDD

Sour Cream Apple Walnut Pie {Our signature pie is made with fresh Granny Smith apples!}

S got their signature pie. I did think about getting it, but sour cream turned me off, however, it was actually really good! I love the walnuts on top :3 For her’s, they probably warmed it longer so it tasted better than mine.

The shop itself wasn’t very cute, but the pies certainly were good! I definitely want to go back to try the pear able crumb pie! :3

OOTD - using my favorite F21 blouse & offbrand coat

My OOTD! My favorite part of the coat was that it’s longer and flared out (“fishtail” as it’s called) in the back! Reminds me of T-ARA for some reason haha Even a security guard at my school’s museum stopped me to ask where I got the coat from. She scared me at first because I thought she was going to yell at me for something haha. I’m also glad P liked my outfit today XDD I’m happy when he likes something of mine haha~

OOTD - school girl look with f21 blouse, skirt from taiwan, and super warm tights from uniqlo!

Underneath the coat, I wore a plaid skirt to give off a school girl look with a twist since it’s not the usual school girl uniform :3

FOTD 02.28.2012

my quick and simple every day make up ^^
eyes; dolly wink eyeliner, majolica majorca eyeshadow,  KATE eyeliner
face; l’oreal blush, maybelline bronzer, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush, Body Shop seaweed moisturizer as base
lips; Bison Baby Pink Baby Pink Glossy Lip

judyhime chan♥


2 thoughts on “Little Pie Company Review & OOTD

  1. Yummy pies~ Too bad they weren’t fresh or at least warmer though =(
    I love your outfit! My favorite part is your coat and then the bow from your blouse – it looks very classy together!

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