New Japanese Gal Brand~ JugeETTA!

With the upcoming block selection this Friday, I’ve been so stressed out thinking about whether or not I’ll be able to get what I want; Intimate Apparel. There’s only one block with ONLY 20 seats, so naturally I’m worried >”<!! Got to click really fast on Friday~ Wish me luck guys!!

But on a happier note, today in the morning I was looking at Liz Lisa’s site and I saw they opened a new line, their sister line JugeETTA which seems to be geared towards an older audience. From what I was able to read, it’s supposed to be chic and trendy and have the feel of Vintage Paris. Here’s some pictures of their line~

I want her whole outfit on the left and I have a similar Liz Lisa dress as the one on right haha~

looks like what other brands have been putting out recently~ but with a slightly different feel~ I wish I can pull off these two outfits > u <"!

Looks quite sophiscated and lovely, doesn’t it? It’s so my style right now! Haha!

However, I realized a lot of garments remind me of other brands (as well as their own sister’s, Liz Lisa) but with just some slight changes (meaning they get away from copyright laws) such as coloring, prints and some details. There were a lot of items that were really following the current trends (polka dots, bows, lace, fur, etc) but with a more mature and feminine Liz Lisa-esque twist to it. There were also a few pieces that really resembled previous Liz Lisa pieces but with a different fabrication. It reminds me of combination of Liz Lisa and Jesus Diamante, which is great since they’re my two favorite brands. The cost is a bit more than LL but definitely cheaper than JD~

1. Looks a lot like Liz Lisa dresses but with a more simple fabrication 2. I really want this one! Reminds me of the dress in Proposal Daisakusen special epi haha 3. I have the same dress in black x nude from another brand~

Another reason why I’m so psyched and happy about it is because although I love LL, I’m also starting to dress more elegant and feminine rather than cutesy-cute and girly~ So this is a great line for me to transition into that (I’ll probably still buy LL as well. XD I still love that brand so much!) !! I’m reallyyyy excited! Once I save up, I’ll definitely buy a dress or two~ As of now, I’m not in the mood to spend another $150 on a dress (especially when I think about the cost of fabrics for my homework >”<)… haha~

What do you girls think? ^^ For me, I’m excited and hoping their future items will have more of their own brand image rather than just copies and fusing other brands together XD

(By the way, does anyone else think she looks like that mixed model that was in Popteen for a few issues and then disappeared?? For some reason, she usually makes me feel a bit uncomfortable but she looks really lovely here! I think she dyed her hair darker which looks really nice on her~ :D)

On a different note, I’m selling all my Lolita pieces, it’s up on ebay but I’m willing to sell it at a cheaper price to my readers (since ebay has fees I had to raise the price a bit)~ 🙂

judyhime. ♥