Angelo Sosa Book Signing at Korin

Last week I went with Sandy to Angelo Sosa’s Book Signing at Korin! It was a nice get together where you can meet the celebrity chef Angelo Sosa and have a taste of his restaurant’s delicious food!

Menu and Event List

This was the menu and events for the night. Although they pushed back his speech because he wanted to wait for more people to come. But it backfired because by then more people left ^^”

Tuna Pastrami Tartar

Tuna Pastrami Tartar

All the food were catered by Angelo Sosa’s restaurant, Social Eatz, which I reviewed here. However all the food that day were ones I haven’t tried, so I was excited. The Tuna Pastrami Tartar pictured above was sooooo delicious! I had two of those. I like the herbs they used in it.

Close up.

It had mustard and a small piece of crunchy bread.

Bulogogi Sliders

These were really good too! I loved the pickled vegetables. Sandy thought I was crazy because when they had a lid over it and I was looking from above I thought it looked a bit like cupcakes haha. Well it’s round like cupcakes, so I’m not that crazy… am I? XD

Chilled Edamame Soup Shooters

I don’t usually drink soup chilled, but this was quite good and interesting. It also looked very alien-ish against the black serving trays haha.

I also tried the BBQ pork buns, tofu sliders, and Fish Cha Ca La Vong Sandwiches. The Fish Ca Ca La Vong sandwiches somewhat resembled Viet Sandwiches, and it was sweet so I liked the taste of it. But one friend didn’t, haha. The BBQ pork buns however was a miss for me, not enough flavor and a bit too fatty. The tofu sliders had a similar taste to the Bulogoi burger since it had pickled vegetables as well, but it tasted much better served hot than cold. They didn’t have fries since it would’ve been too soggy by the time it reached the showroom. However, that was one of my favorite dish at Social Eatz, so I’ll probably be dragging a friend with me to eat there just for the fries haha.

Sandy and me~

Of course, it’s the mandatory selca pic of one of my bestie and me~ :3 First time that I saw her in heels! I loved it too, I want a pair myself. Should’ve took a picture of it to share with you guys 😦 Best part was she said she bought it on sale from payless, but it did not look like it! Which is great 😀

Speech time!

He finally got up to make his speech, and Saori-san, the owner of Korin, also joined in.

Angelo Sosa and me~

My sister helped me ask to take a photo with him. Sandy and Wendy helped me take some “normal” photos, but as you guys all know, I LOVEEE selcas!! So I asked if I can take one myself, and he started cracking up so much. We were both laughing uncontrollably so it took awhile until we calmed down and got this shot with him. Isn’t he so cute? ;3

Best part was when he said I looked like a princess. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaah haha


My OOTD and FOTD. Starting to wear less frilly stuff, but I like it a lot! And my bra kept peeking out… oh well, it’s my new style ;D LOL I think if it was me a few years back I would be tugging on my dress the whole time to cover up, but after being in intimate apparel it doesn’t faze me anymore. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing… LOL

Sakura Macaron!

Extra photo~ Before the event, I went to Takahachi Bakery to hang out. My sister bought me a Sakura Macaron before but I didn’t get to take a photo before I ate it, so I bought one again just to camerawhore it hehehe jp, it’s really good so it’s worth it. If you’re around the area, definitely check it out! ^_^

By the way, let me know if you have instagram! Mine is judyhimechan. I’m so addicated to that app!

 judyhime chan♥


Sofia Vergara Kmart Autograph Session

OMGG~~~~~~~~ :3 I feel so happy!!

So at 12:30 my sister called asking if i was free~ I said i was supposed to blog for my internship and she said that Sofia Vergara was to be at Astor Place’s Kmart for an autograph session, wherein the first 100 fans get an autograph and picture taken with her starting at 1 (which she lied since it started at 1:30, luckily for me hahaha~~). I wasn’t sure whether to go or not to go since I had work to do and I didn’t think i’ll be able to be within the 100, but she says I can use it for the blog, so I decided to give it a shot~ I quickly changed and ran to the subway.

sofia vergara ❤

Luckily I got there around 1:30 and found the location of the session fast. She didn’t appear yet and I thought it was weird, but I got “on line” and was like wow it’s so short~ It turned out the line started wayyyyyy down the store, hahaha…. and I had to get a tag to be on the line, which took me awhile to find the guy to get the tag. Unfortunately they only gave the yellow ones, which is a “maybe” since she was on a timed schedule (it turned out it was 1:30 to 2:15, so I actually got there on time) and the blue ones were definitely~

soooo gorgeous in person! i think she's much prettier in person than in pictures or on TV!!!!

I got on line, thinking I wouldn’t be able to make it. You instantly knew when she came out because of cheers and flashes of cameras. I was worried if I didn’t get to see her nor take a picture with her. Forunately for me, the nice lady in front of me started chatting with me and since we both wanted to take pictures with her, I made a deal with her haha~ So we both watch each other’s spot while the other goes to take a picture~ Now I felt better knowing at least I saw her in person before she left.

as my friend says "she has a round butt~" LOL!!!

Finally the line was moving, and quite quickly too! She signs so fast haha~ What’s even better, they still had photos for her to sign for us! So I finally got up to the stage she was on and got her autograph~ She smiled at me (and I grinned really big back haha I wanted to tell her how gorgeous she is, but couldn’t~ she was just toooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyy) and said “Thank you for comingggggg~~” in her cute accent.

caught a pic of her leaving holding hands with her boyfriend (?)~ so cuteeee hehe~~

UGH~~ I JUST LOVE HERRRRRR~~~~ I want to become elegant like her too :3

since I wasn't allowed to take a picture on the stage with her, I took one with her picture LOL~! you can see my yellow tag on my hand~

If there are more autograph sessions, you guys should definitely go! She’s like a real life barbie, but much prettier!! haha~~~~ ❤

Here’s a song I’ve been addicated to and wanted to share with you guys~ it’s in the category of “elevator music” for me haha~ I love these type of songs!!

judyhime. ♥