Yukata Photoshoot Photos & Mini Giveaway!

I smile for you every day, I pray for you
With thoughts of you, I fall asleep - I open my eyes as I call for you...
You are my heaven
-Ailee "Heaven"

The photos I promised some friends I would post on my blog :3 Sandy uploaded these four so far from the yukata photoshoot, don’t know if she’ll be posting more or not XD I hope she will~ I really like how she edited the first three, it’s softer and dreamier hehe My Gyaru inspired make up was mentioned in a previous post, if you want to see the process and what I used.

For the first shot, she told me to really daydream of something I like, and I’m sure all my friends know what that is ^__~ But that was really smart, because she would get a photo of me really in a smiling daze, rather than just eyes closed XD Second shot I think I was really just enjoying myself there on break and she just took it, so it was a genuine smile. ^^

Don’t know if anyone noticed, but I was using the first shot as my banner and have a new background to welcome spring. What do you guys think of the new look? Hope the background doesn’t look too cluttered! >__<”

The lyrics above are from this song that I’m so addicated to right now! It kind of describes my situation hahaha~

Love her outfit and hair! Trying to grow my bangs out like hers ^^


As the weather gets warmer, pesky pores is an issue many of us deal with. So like I promised, here’s my mini giveaway to thank all my readers thus far and hopefully help deal with the pores XD Since I have lovely readers from all over the world, this is opened worldwide. It ends April 29th, 2012 at 12:00PM EST and I will announce the winner then~

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That’s it! Good luck ^__^ ♥

judyhime chan♥


E.l.f. Studio Powder Brush and Studio Contour Brush Review

The other day while shopping at Target with my sister, I decided to pick up two E.l.f. brushes since I wanted to wash my other brushes and needed a back up to use while the other brushes dry. To my surprise, I ended up liking these brushes better than the ones I’ve been using!

E.l.f. Studio Powder Brush and Studio Contour Brush

First off, they are really inexpensive, which is a plus. Both brushes were only $3 + tax, and if you have a Target card you get 5% off, so it was less than $7 for two brushes.

Secondly, they are packaged individualy and provide nice sturdy packaging for easy storage. What’s even better, is the Powder Brush comes with a brush cover so it protects the bristles and helps keep its shape while protecting it from dust and such.

According to e.l.f’s webshop, both brushes were made out of the same material:

This new anti bacterial, synthetic haired Taklon brush is softer and more absorbent and can be used with wet or dry products. Be a professional makeup artist and create a flawless look with this e.l.f. studio brush!

I have to agree with their description, the brush is very soft and really does pick up the pigment of the powders really well. In fact, they feel softer against my skin than my Clinique, Forever21, Estée Lauder and L’Oreal brushes!

Powder brush with Tarte blush

Details from the e.l.f. webshop:

  • Creates a professional sculpted look
  • Full coverage color
  • Use for powder or blush for perfect contouring

*Vegan Friendly

Size comparison against my face

The Powder brush is definitely my favorite brush right now as it picks up the colors easily and blends so well on my face! It is slightly shaped (not a round, but more oval) so it really gives me a natural finish, and contours around the edge of my jawline reallyyy well. I use it for both blush and bronzer to contour my face. I’m really surprised at how soft and how well it blended the blush as compared to the brushes that came with the blushes I’ve been using. The size is also the right size, not too big that it makes big blotches of color, but not too small so that you have to spend forever applying the blush

Contour Brush with Bronzer

Details from e.l.f. webshop:

  • The domed bristles pick up a lot of color and deposit it onto the eyelid for extra definition
  • Adds depth close to the lash line and in the corner of the eye
  • Use to sweep colors along the lash lines for concentrated color*Vegan Friendly

Haha so I realized I’ve been using this brush for the wrong purpose, no wonder it didn’t blend as well as I would’ve liked as compared to the powder brush. However, it still worked pretty well! I’ve been using it to contour my nose with bronzer and highlight. It really did pick up the pigment and color really well (as you can see in my picture), and more so than the powder brush did. Since it’s a thinner brush, it was easy to only apply to the areas I needed. However, since it is domed in that way, it was much more concentrated so the bronzer was a bit strong. With patience I was able to blend the harsh lines out, though not as soft as the Powder Brush, but still quite natural at the end.

natural look with just blush and bronzer | full make up

Example pictures of the outcome. I tried contouring my face just slightly differently on my cheeks in these two images, but as you can see it looks really natural at the end and soft lines. I really enjoy using these brushes since it’s soft and nice feel to the skin, and has great outcomes.

Final verdict: 5/5 stars! Good value on such great brushes :3 (since it was my fault for using the contour brush wrong and it still came out good, I didn’t take off any points XD)

I would definitely recommend these brushes (which I already did to one of my friend haha!) and would love to pick up a few of their other brushes to try.

judyhime chan♥

By the way, this post reminded me of the e.l.f. model contest I’ve entered in haha I would really appreciate if you guys can vote for me! Thank you 😀 You can vote here

And I’ve been really addicted to the new kpop songs that came out, one being Big Bang’s come back BLUE. I love the lyrics that says “I was born and I met you. And I have loved you to death.” I wish to find a guy that I can say that to (just those lines, not the whole song hahaha). Anyways, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Soompi Ulzzang Contest Round 2!

So many things has happened since my last post here! I’ve been so caught up with school work >__<” A happy update on my specialization selection, I got into intimate apparel block! Which was possible after staying up all night in my school’s computer lab with dozens of other 5th semester students, waiting impatiently for 7AM to click on the button. So glad that I did stay up for it, I can’t wait for next semester to come already! ♥

Secondly, I’ve entered in Soompi’s 2011 Ulzzang contest. Surprisingly (since they said it’s mostly based on how many friends you have on Soompi, and I don’t have any on there XD) I made it to the second round! Here is my submission, and I would really appreciate it if you can vote for me! The link is here http://www.soompi.com/ulzzang/vote/girls/2 My username is judyjudychan . Thank you so much ♥ I’m so worried, there is so man pretty girls in it > u <”

my contest entry~

My outfit from an event, trying a different style.

Make up I did for the photoshoot

That day was the day I had a photoshoot, which was a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to have more 😀 The only downside was the make up artist never showed up, so I ran home to do my make up and went back, which was fine since I prefer to use my own make up XD

I want to share a song that I am currently addicted to. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, and I can really relate to it during parts of my past relationship (not all, as he was sweet and a good listener other times).

I reallyyyy want that jacket and white fluffly sweater the actress in the MV is wearing, so if anyone sees it, please let me know! XD

I’ll update with more pictures of my very eventful November tomorrow 🙂

Entered in a Lolita Contest & a Giveaway~


Just a short post (I should’ve posted about my fun day sunday, but school caught up on me, so I’ll prob be posting that tonight ^^), on the contest & giveaway I joined!

Please please please please please like my photooooo (click into the link)~~ :3 thank you~! 😀

My contest picture~ (it was from my Lolita Modeling haha~)

And check out this giveaway from eki! (Loooooooove her!!)

So be sure to check both out! Thanks~ :3

judyhime. ♥