Simple, Natural Eye Tutorial

Filmed my first make up tutorial after many of my friends asked me to :3

Simple, Natural Eye Tutorial

It’s just a quick and simple way of using eyeshadow. I hope you guys find it helpful and enjoyable to watch. Let me know if you would like tutorial on any of my looks I did in my photoshoots. I know one of my friend wanted me to teach her how to do one of the looks in my lingerie shoot (photos will be posted soon, or you can check out my facebook page to see it).

So here’s the tutorial~

Products Used:
Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow in Gold
Too Faced Naked Eye Palette
MyGlam Eyeshadow Brush
CarMela Transplanting Gel (Mascara)
Jill Stuart Eyelash Curler
Revlon Lip Butter in Creamsicle

Products mentioned:
The Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Tint Milk
Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Garnier Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller in Sheer
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light
Lorac Eye Primer

EOTD opened

EOTD closed

Let me know if there’s any way I can improve, thanks!♥

thanks for watching 😀

judyhime chan♥


Angelo Sosa Book Signing at Korin

Last week I went with Sandy to Angelo Sosa’s Book Signing at Korin! It was a nice get together where you can meet the celebrity chef Angelo Sosa and have a taste of his restaurant’s delicious food!

Menu and Event List

This was the menu and events for the night. Although they pushed back his speech because he wanted to wait for more people to come. But it backfired because by then more people left ^^”

Tuna Pastrami Tartar

Tuna Pastrami Tartar

All the food were catered by Angelo Sosa’s restaurant, Social Eatz, which I reviewed here. However all the food that day were ones I haven’t tried, so I was excited. The Tuna Pastrami Tartar pictured above was sooooo delicious! I had two of those. I like the herbs they used in it.

Close up.

It had mustard and a small piece of crunchy bread.

Bulogogi Sliders

These were really good too! I loved the pickled vegetables. Sandy thought I was crazy because when they had a lid over it and I was looking from above I thought it looked a bit like cupcakes haha. Well it’s round like cupcakes, so I’m not that crazy… am I? XD

Chilled Edamame Soup Shooters

I don’t usually drink soup chilled, but this was quite good and interesting. It also looked very alien-ish against the black serving trays haha.

I also tried the BBQ pork buns, tofu sliders, and Fish Cha Ca La Vong Sandwiches. The Fish Ca Ca La Vong sandwiches somewhat resembled Viet Sandwiches, and it was sweet so I liked the taste of it. But one friend didn’t, haha. The BBQ pork buns however was a miss for me, not enough flavor and a bit too fatty. The tofu sliders had a similar taste to the Bulogoi burger since it had pickled vegetables as well, but it tasted much better served hot than cold. They didn’t have fries since it would’ve been too soggy by the time it reached the showroom. However, that was one of my favorite dish at Social Eatz, so I’ll probably be dragging a friend with me to eat there just for the fries haha.

Sandy and me~

Of course, it’s the mandatory selca pic of one of my bestie and me~ :3 First time that I saw her in heels! I loved it too, I want a pair myself. Should’ve took a picture of it to share with you guys 😦 Best part was she said she bought it on sale from payless, but it did not look like it! Which is great 😀

Speech time!

He finally got up to make his speech, and Saori-san, the owner of Korin, also joined in.

Angelo Sosa and me~

My sister helped me ask to take a photo with him. Sandy and Wendy helped me take some “normal” photos, but as you guys all know, I LOVEEE selcas!! So I asked if I can take one myself, and he started cracking up so much. We were both laughing uncontrollably so it took awhile until we calmed down and got this shot with him. Isn’t he so cute? ;3

Best part was when he said I looked like a princess. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaah haha


My OOTD and FOTD. Starting to wear less frilly stuff, but I like it a lot! And my bra kept peeking out… oh well, it’s my new style ;D LOL I think if it was me a few years back I would be tugging on my dress the whole time to cover up, but after being in intimate apparel it doesn’t faze me anymore. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing… LOL

Sakura Macaron!

Extra photo~ Before the event, I went to Takahachi Bakery to hang out. My sister bought me a Sakura Macaron before but I didn’t get to take a photo before I ate it, so I bought one again just to camerawhore it hehehe jp, it’s really good so it’s worth it. If you’re around the area, definitely check it out! ^_^

By the way, let me know if you have instagram! Mine is judyhimechan. I’m so addicated to that app!

 judyhime chan♥

Sakura Matsuri 2012

the last bit of sakura

A late post (was busy with school work >__<“) on Sakura Matusri 2012. Most of the sakura were gone by the time of the matsuri (good thing Sandy and I went to do our yukata photoshoot earlier!) but we managed to find some so I took a photo of the beautiful blossoms.

photo credit brian ngai

i finally met my friend (on the left) after being facebook friends with her for I think 4 years? LOL she’s so cute :3 (lolita sandwhiching gyaru haha)

lolita gathering

the only photo i got to take of other lolita’s because i was being taken photos of by other people LOL woops~

lost. (photo credit sandy chen)

found a pretty spot to do a mini photoshoot. thought being isolated means no one will interrupt our shoot, but some guy ran in and took photos of me too lol – w -”

so this year, i actually went to the different exhibits and booths haha this was from the flower arrangement, and i just thought it’s sooooooooo prettyyy i want a bed like that LOL!! or at least for a photoshoot? XD

surround yourself in beauty. (photo credit sandy)

i really wanted a photo with these flowers, but they were fenced up. being the trouble maker that i am, i ran behind and got my photo ha!

pretty art from japanese woodblocking. it was interesting to have it demonstrated as i learned about it during my asian art history class.

lost in a paradise of flowers. (photo credit sandy)

i really loved this part of the garden, soooo prettyy and smelled soooooooo good hahahha :3 i finally decided to keep my ank rouge coat, which is worn in the photo above.

my future curtain 8D

so my outfit rundown:

coat: ank rouge
floral dress: liz lisa
bag: vivienne westwood
shoes: b.o.c.
accessories: taiwan

my fotd~

 judyhime chan♥

A Day with Katherine♥

Yesterday I had my “date” with Katherine/Tomoyo ♥ It was filled with things I loved – Rose House, waffles, chatting and catching up, playing with hairstyles, photoshoots, walking around.

I was craving waffles since the day I shopped with Sandy (last saturday), so I decided to get that at Rose House. Katherine got their rose cheesecake with fruits. I thought they would’ve gave a bigger pieces judging by the price of $6.99, but it was a really small slice O__O” Now we know not to get their desserts next time XD The waffle size was good though, for $9 you get quite a thick waffle. But the atmosphere of the place is nice, just the wallpapers always bothers me XDD Why don’t they just use a ivory with a slight design!??? Why that random colored floral wallpaper?????? Makes no sense!! It brought down the level of classiness .__.” To make it up, they have a lovely selection of classical music and a welcoming rose aroma in the restaurant.

Afterwards, we went to the basement and saw pretty butterfly decorations hanging from the ceiling which led me to take photos by the columns. Hehehe I make all my friends do a photoshoot for me 8D Here’s Katherine’s photographer moment! (Though I edited the image with my iphone and photoshopped out unnecessary background details LOL)

A friend thought I went to Europe for these photos LOL I wish I can go to Europe!! I really want to visit Paris and London~~ When I get a boyfriend, I’m going to drag him with me :3

After our mini photoshoot, Katherine did my hair as promised. People kept staring at us and some guy even gave us a thumbs up WTH LOL I don’t even know – 3 -” It came out soooooo pretty!!! So we’re planning another mini photoshoot with the hairstyle, most likely going to be a casual bride look ^_^ Also, the conair bobby pins we bought at Target is really good, so if anyone is looking to buy a new pack of bobby pins definitely check out the 90count Conair bobbypins XD For only $2.24 + tax, it gives a really good hold!

Originally we kept the hair down like that, but she thought it looked unbalanced so she put it up in a bun, something very different than what I usually do with my hair, so it was a fun look for me.

My hairstylist and me!!! Isn’t she so cute :3 I love her dusty pink blazer too. I bought the same one when we went shopping, but blazers just aren’t for me so I had to return it T__T” I don’t think structured looks really match me >”<

It was really nice catching up with her, and talking about all my problems with life LOL Thank you for being patient and listening to me ramble on and on XD Did you know that I knew her since 7th grade?????? So it’s been 9 years!!!!! That’s crazyyyyyyy. I’m so glad we kept in touch all this time, and became even closer and closer, one of my bestest friends :3 ♥ Can’t wait for summer so we can hang out more!!

Did a very natural look today. I was a bit scared to walk out of my house without a face caked with make up since I had heavier make up the day before for the photoshoot, but some ladies came up to me and complimented me saying they thought I was pretty, so I felt relieved XD I really have some selfesteem/self conscious issue hahahaha

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow in Copper Chic
e.l.f. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Golden Goddess
Car Mela Mascara Composition (which is really weird to use but I’ll write a review after I use it one more time)

No eyeliner yesterday! I hate removing eyeliner, it takes foreverrrr, or maybe I’m just bad at removing it XD I wore blue circle lenses, but for some reason everytime I wear the blue ones I get an eye infection, and these are daily ones that I don’t rewear!! So I’m kind of scared of wearing them again LOL

I’m also excited because Katherine told me about possible collaborations with her friends since one does jewelry and the other one is good with nails. So if possible, maybe I can model those for them, and if it does happen I would be so happy because I always wanted to do those kind of collaborations! So just waiting to see what happens now. Life is getting exciting for me. I’m finally enjoying life thanks to my bestest friends that helps me view life differently ^__^

judyhime chan♥

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Yukata Shoot Today!

beautiful clear sky at the garden

Today was a beautiful day at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with two of my bestest friends, perfect for our photoshoot today! Sandy wanted to do a yukata photoshoot, and since it was free admission on Tuesdays, we went today. Sarah also came to help us out with light reflector and checking to make sure if things looked alright. I have two yukata that I bought on my trip in Japan a few years back, but we went with pink since I look better in pink than blue hehe.

my pink cherry blossom print yukata

Sandy said looked like an anime character in that photo, so I decided to upload it as a sneak peak to the photoshoot. She uploaded an edited photo, but I want to wait for more and choose my favorite ones to put here ^^ It looks really nice so far, I’m always at awe how she edits the photos!

Today was also crazy! We thought if we go on a weekday there will be less people, but there were still a lot of people and people were non stop taking photos of me! Where ever we go, a crowd gathers and I see iphones and cameras in my direction @__@” Some people asked me to take photos with them. I felt so bad because it made it difficult for Sandy to do her photoshoot >__<” But good thing that was mostly in the beginning, and plus if we went during Sakura Matsuri, we would have never got our shoot done haha. I always wondered though, what do these strangers do with the photos!? One guy said he was putting it in his portfolio and gave me his buisness card. Some lady filmed me, and I thought she would walk away after she said thank you, but she just picked up her camera and filmed me in another angle and did that like 5 times!! LOL I dont get it!! Some people also followed me. It was such an interesting experience. I had people take or ask me for photos on train before, but I never had this much people LOL

sakura blossoms :3

I’m also glad we got to go while the sakura blossoms were still plenty on the trees! It’s like what Katherine said to me before, it’s so warm that they would probably be blossomed before the matsuri. They’re so pretty, especially when the wind blew and the petals scattered down. I think Sandy tried taking a photo when that happened, but not sure if it came out good or not XD

magnolia flowers

After about 280 shots, I switched into my normal outfit for the second shoot. It was this high-low skirt with a lace top and my Liz Lisa belt. I thought there wouldn’t be anyone following me with cameras after this, but we still saw so many people taking photos of me @__@” I don’t know why LOL!! I’m a normal person!!

sarah & me

Sneak peak of second outfit XD I didn’t take one of myself on my iphone >_<” So I have to wait for Sandy to upload the photos~ I also wanted to take a photo with her but she didn’t want to today T__T”

sarah as my make up artist

Yesterday I went to Sarah’s dorm and she played make up artist and tried to replicate Yang Mi’s makeup pictured above, and the photo below it is what she got at the end. She admitted it doesn’t really look like it (I think it’s mainly because I’m not as pretty as her X__X), but I still think it was pretty what she did for me ^__^ I think it’s fun when other people put make up for me since I’m usually the one doing it for myself, so it’s nice when someone else can do it for me hehe XD

Kanno Yui make up

For the make up for today’s shoot, I used Kanno Yui’s as reference. The one I used was the image above but with her other lip color. I thought it’ll be fun to take a photo of each few steps I did and see the progress XD So this is my first time, and also first time showing my unedited photo with no make up on my blog > U <“!

make up progress

I think the concealer and eyeshadow already made a big difference! I was able to use my new make up that came in yesterday just in time for today’s shoot.

Laura Mercier Tinte Moisturizer in Porcelain
Revlon Photoready concealer in 02
Garnier Under Eye Roller
Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray
Cosmagic pink blush
Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in blissful
Tarte Bronzer

Dollywink Eyeliner (liquid and pencil)
Majolica Majorca pink palette
Global Goddess Beautyi Divine Eye Color in Shambala
Jane Iredale Mystikol Powder Eyeliner and Highlighter in Citrine
Integrate White Eyeliner
Car Mela Mascara

Canmake lipgloss

After a lovely day, I’m quite tired and going to head to sleep now. Excited for this week! Too bad once it ends, it’s back to school >__<” I have to learn how to dye fabrics this week!

judyhime chan♥