photography & editing by sandy chen

Just another girly girl living in NYC~ I really love to play with fashion and different styles, so sometimes my style or outfits are all over the place (ranges from feminine, princess/dolly, sexy, to elegant and romantic). However,  I love the Japanese Gal and Korean fashion, thus my style and make up is mainly influenced by both.

I am studying intimate apparel design and my passion is modeling, so you will see some of my modeling works here. I also enjoy photography, mainly food, flowers and the sky. I wish to do portraits, but I have no friends willing to model haha. So sometimes I just do my own mini photoshoots!

In my blog, I would like to share with people my thoughts, outfits of the day, make up, modeling photos and cute, delicious dessert shops that I enjoyed. I hope people will find the reviews helpful. I’m open to feedback so if there’s anything I can do to improve, please do tell me! 😀

Skin type: Normal/Combination
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Dark brown (in photos I sometimes wear gray colored lenses, hazel or blue circle lenses)
Hair: Dyed brown, naturally wavy

Other places I hide on this internet world~




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