My First Youtube Review Video~!

Hihi~~ just a quick blog post (I’ll be typing up my weekend of food//againn~~// right after this! XD

But for now, here is what I was working on over the weekend~ My first youtube review/how-to video!! It’s on how to keep your colored hair from fading :3

Here’s the blog post that goes with it~

It was really nerve wrecking, but it’s a good experience for me~ And I actually get to see how I look and sound like to other people I guess XDD!!! Sorry if I look funny D: haha~

FOTD 2011/09/30

It’s similar to my FOTD from the previous post, except I’m using a Canmake lipstick and a Clinique lip gloss~ The reason why I had to layer is because Canmake lipstick can settle into creases of the lips >”< It’s a lovely color, but not great for chapped lips!!

OOTD for the video~

After filming my video, I went eating and shopping with my lovelyyyyyyy friend Sarah ♥ We had Hong Kong noodles (where mine totaled to be $11.25… wth T___T”) ~ I love how you can customize your own noodles. I got E-fu noodles (I did not know they fry it first! >”< It was really tasty, but if I knew I wouldn’t have gotten it since I’m trying not to eat fried food >”<!) with tofu (so good!), fish cakes (not the greatest, so skip out on this!), fish balls (same as every where else), beef (had a lot of taste :D) anddddd my favoriteeeeeeee half cooked fried eggs ♥ Plus they give you two!! I love half cooked eggs, sooooo it made the $11.25 worth it hahaha~ plus I got some lil strings of vegetables in my noodles somehow haha~ free veggies ;D

My Hong Kong Station noodles!

Then we went to get yummyyy Vivi Bubble tea~~ I love bubble tea hehehe > 3<“! Plus the milk bubble tea was buy one get one free, so $2.50 for two, what a steal~~~~~ $1.25 each!? Definitely go get some if you’re in Chinatown!!

Sarah & Me with our $1.25 each bubble tea~

Screaming with my Vivi Bubble tea~ Isn't the drawing so cute~?!

Afterwards, we went to Soho since she wanted to buy a designer bag and I was browsing for some designer wallet (since my Liz Lisa one was breaking and so I resorted to using my Burberry wallet I got as a gift awhile ago from my sister, but it doesn’t suit me anymore >”<). Haha we spent too much time in LV >__<” But they were so nice~ and they had this reallyyyyy gorgeous heels that I want so much but I don’t have $960+tax to fork out haha~ oh well, maybe in the future when I have a really good job and save up for it XD

Oh and my first care package from my good friend Michelle!! Thank you so much!! ♥ I’m definitely going to try the MBD Earl Gray Tea & Macroon Face Mask facial mask this week (as my weekly face mask hehe~) and let you guys know what I think of it~ :3

my lovely care package :3

judyhime. ♥