Yukata Photoshoot Photos & Mini Giveaway!

I smile for you every day, I pray for you
With thoughts of you, I fall asleep - I open my eyes as I call for you...
You are my heaven
-Ailee "Heaven"

The photos I promised some friends I would post on my blog :3 Sandy uploaded these four so far from the yukata photoshoot, don’t know if she’ll be posting more or not XD I hope she will~ I really like how she edited the first three, it’s softer and dreamier hehe My Gyaru inspired make up was mentioned in a previous post, if you want to see the process and what I used.

For the first shot, she told me to really daydream of something I like, and I’m sure all my friends know what that is ^__~ But that was really smart, because she would get a photo of me really in a smiling daze, rather than just eyes closed XD Second shot I think I was really just enjoying myself there on break and she just took it, so it was a genuine smile. ^^

Don’t know if anyone noticed, but I was using the first shot as my banner and have a new background to welcome spring. What do you guys think of the new look? Hope the background doesn’t look too cluttered! >__<”

The lyrics above are from this song that I’m so addicated to right now! It kind of describes my situation hahaha~

Love her outfit and hair! Trying to grow my bangs out like hers ^^


As the weather gets warmer, pesky pores is an issue many of us deal with. So like I promised, here’s my mini giveaway to thank all my readers thus far and hopefully help deal with the pores XD Since I have lovely readers from all over the world, this is opened worldwide. It ends April 29th, 2012 at 12:00PM EST and I will announce the winner then~

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That’s it! Good luck ^__^ ♥

judyhime chan♥