Lots of new shoots, and a facebook page :3

Hiiiiiiii I’m alive 😛 I’ve had the post about Korin’s book signing on draft for the longest time (hopefully finishing it within these few days…) but I’ve been so busy with shoots that I got so tired to finish it XD I had 7 shoots within 11 days. You can imagine how tired I am, but I wanted to get as much photos as I can while my hair is still red hahaha. I will have a post about my hair dyeing experience/review of the salon up later as well ^_^

Since some photographers asks for more photos, I decided to create a facebook page. Please support me by visiting it and liking it if you have a facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Judy-Yang/391698994199006 There you can view all shoots I have done so far, and I’m going to be adding more as the photographers send me the photos. This summer is my most productive summer yet and it just started haha~

Here are some photos from recent shoots that I haven’t shared with you guys:

le ciel. – photography franklin yeep

This was quite awhile ago, before school ended (and i cut one class that day for it, but luckily a lot of people cut that day too so the professor just cancelled class LOL). I really love how serene the whole shoot looked. You can view more photos from that shoot here.

missing you. – photography by jesse yeung

Wanted to do a boyfriend shirt shoot for the longest time. Since I don’t have a bf, i borrowed the photographer’s shirt XD But I want to redo this shoot with a white one next time, since that’s the idea I really wanted to do. However, I did like how some of the shots came out, and second time trying a more sexy look for a shoot hehe. More photos here.

ready go. – photography by jesse yeung

Took this shoot after the boyfriend shoot. Jesse’s idea was for me to be kind of like import model look (so I had a cap on for some of the shots). He just wanted to push me past my limit so that I can really try sexy shoots in the future, so I really have to thank him because now I think I can! (Especially because two “cute” shoots, I tried to do the cute thing then the photographers yelled at me saying I’m looking too sexy… so I guess I can’t do the cute thing as well anymore XD) More from this shoot here.

enchanted. – photography by Optimistic Artist

The photographer wanted a magical shoot, so the idea was like fairy like, etc It was a nice and fun shoot. You can view more photos here (more will be added soon!).

one more day. – photography by Son Le.

one more day. – photography by Son Le.

I love love love love love the photos from this shoot. I think it’s because I finally got to do three ideas I have always wanted in this shoot! The silhouette against sunset (because it reminds me of Violet’s Mascara MV where they played their instruments against the sunset), “dancing” with fabric (inspired by miss A’s touch photoshoot), and lying on tulle in grass with roses (as seen in my new banner). For more photos from this shoot, check out this album.

I also did a shoot for my lingerie portfolio, but I’ll make a separate post about it when I get more photos back from the photographer ^_^

Please support my passion~! Thank you ♥

 judyhime chan♥


Sakura Matsuri 2012

the last bit of sakura

A late post (was busy with school work >__<“) on Sakura Matusri 2012. Most of the sakura were gone by the time of the matsuri (good thing Sandy and I went to do our yukata photoshoot earlier!) but we managed to find some so I took a photo of the beautiful blossoms.

photo credit brian ngai

i finally met my friend (on the left) after being facebook friends with her for I think 4 years? LOL she’s so cute :3 (lolita sandwhiching gyaru haha)

lolita gathering

the only photo i got to take of other lolita’s because i was being taken photos of by other people LOL woops~

lost. (photo credit sandy chen)

found a pretty spot to do a mini photoshoot. thought being isolated means no one will interrupt our shoot, but some guy ran in and took photos of me too lol – w -”

so this year, i actually went to the different exhibits and booths haha this was from the flower arrangement, and i just thought it’s sooooooooo prettyyy i want a bed like that LOL!! or at least for a photoshoot? XD

surround yourself in beauty. (photo credit sandy)

i really wanted a photo with these flowers, but they were fenced up. being the trouble maker that i am, i ran behind and got my photo ha!

pretty art from japanese woodblocking. it was interesting to have it demonstrated as i learned about it during my asian art history class.

lost in a paradise of flowers. (photo credit sandy)

i really loved this part of the garden, soooo prettyy and smelled soooooooo good hahahha :3 i finally decided to keep my ank rouge coat, which is worn in the photo above.

my future curtain 8D

so my outfit rundown:

coat: ank rouge
floral dress: liz lisa
bag: vivienne westwood
shoes: b.o.c.
accessories: taiwan

my fotd~

 judyhime chan♥

Yukata Photoshoot Photos & Mini Giveaway!

I smile for you every day, I pray for you
With thoughts of you, I fall asleep - I open my eyes as I call for you...
You are my heaven
-Ailee "Heaven"

The photos I promised some friends I would post on my blog :3 Sandy uploaded these four so far from the yukata photoshoot, don’t know if she’ll be posting more or not XD I hope she will~ I really like how she edited the first three, it’s softer and dreamier hehe My Gyaru inspired make up was mentioned in a previous post, if you want to see the process and what I used.

For the first shot, she told me to really daydream of something I like, and I’m sure all my friends know what that is ^__~ But that was really smart, because she would get a photo of me really in a smiling daze, rather than just eyes closed XD Second shot I think I was really just enjoying myself there on break and she just took it, so it was a genuine smile. ^^

Don’t know if anyone noticed, but I was using the first shot as my banner and have a new background to welcome spring. What do you guys think of the new look? Hope the background doesn’t look too cluttered! >__<”

The lyrics above are from this song that I’m so addicated to right now! It kind of describes my situation hahaha~

Love her outfit and hair! Trying to grow my bangs out like hers ^^


As the weather gets warmer, pesky pores is an issue many of us deal with. So like I promised, here’s my mini giveaway to thank all my readers thus far and hopefully help deal with the pores XD Since I have lovely readers from all over the world, this is opened worldwide. It ends April 29th, 2012 at 12:00PM EST and I will announce the winner then~

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That’s it! Good luck ^__^ ♥

judyhime chan♥

Popteen May 2012 Issue

Yesterday I hung out with my HS friends and Sandy, and we went from KTown to the Garment District (so I can buy fabric dye yay!). Since we were around Kinokuniya, we stopped by there (for a longgg time LOL) and I picked up my Popteeen. Continue reading for some pages from the May 2012 issue. If you want me to take photos of specific contents in the magazines (hair, makeup, more outfits, etc) let me know! I just took some that I found interesting :3

Also, planning a giveaway soon! If you would like to join or would like more info on it when I post it, please either subscribe through wordpress (button on the side bar ->) or through my bloglovin’


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