Autumn Night Photoshoot ♥

Yesterday night, Sarah, Victor and I went to do a photoshoot at a lovely park in Long Island City~ The view of the skyline was amazing, and I loveeeeed the sound of the water splashing onto the rocks underneath the dock. I wish I can live in a loft by there >”< It’ll be my new goal! (I’ve always wanted a loft, at least now I know the location hahaha XD)

Sarah, Me & Victor on the train~

Both Victor and Sarah helped me take photos (though Victor took more his hands shook less XD) and I really loved the photos~ I think they are both very good photographers > u <” Thanks guys ♥

my new face~ you like? ;D

Here are a few of my favorites~

my favorite one~ :3

i like how he angled the picture > U <"!


Sarah took this one, i love it~ if only my face was a lil lighter ^^"

wish i had a bf to fill that empty seat next to me hahahaha~ XD

i’m flyingggggg~~ > 3<“

Top, Skirt & Vest; from night market in Taiwan
Necklace & Bracelet; Liz Lisa
Bag; ans
Boots; Charlotte Russe (modified by me, I made and sewed on the bows)
Headband; offbrand
Rings; Forever21

Anddd~~ FOTD! I was trying to do a Cyndi Wang inspired look for an upcoming tutorial~ I just got to learn how to use falsies and then I can make the video! :3 I also tried my new Mentholatum Water Color Kissy Pink lip balm~ By itself was a really strong orange-y pink, which does not match me at all >”< So here, I layered it over my Canmake lip concealer (I just bought the Candy Doll lip concealer which i’m waiting for to arrive to make a review!) to make softer 🙂 I don’t think I’ve mastered her look yet, I think my eyeliner was too thick, but I’ll try again tomorrow hehe! ^^

FOTD 2011/10/07

I also tried the Earl Gray Tea & Macaroon mask my friend gave me~ It was really refreshing, like their other masks. It was very moisturizing but it felt a bit thicker than my rose one, and the smell wasn’t as strong~ But it still made my face really smooth now hehe ^^

judyhime. ♥


My First Youtube Review Video~!

Hihi~~ just a quick blog post (I’ll be typing up my weekend of food//againn~~// right after this! XD

But for now, here is what I was working on over the weekend~ My first youtube review/how-to video!! It’s on how to keep your colored hair from fading :3

Here’s the blog post that goes with it~

It was really nerve wrecking, but it’s a good experience for me~ And I actually get to see how I look and sound like to other people I guess XDD!!! Sorry if I look funny D: haha~

FOTD 2011/09/30

It’s similar to my FOTD from the previous post, except I’m using a Canmake lipstick and a Clinique lip gloss~ The reason why I had to layer is because Canmake lipstick can settle into creases of the lips >”< It’s a lovely color, but not great for chapped lips!!

OOTD for the video~

After filming my video, I went eating and shopping with my lovelyyyyyyy friend Sarah ♥ We had Hong Kong noodles (where mine totaled to be $11.25… wth T___T”) ~ I love how you can customize your own noodles. I got E-fu noodles (I did not know they fry it first! >”< It was really tasty, but if I knew I wouldn’t have gotten it since I’m trying not to eat fried food >”<!) with tofu (so good!), fish cakes (not the greatest, so skip out on this!), fish balls (same as every where else), beef (had a lot of taste :D) anddddd my favoriteeeeeeee half cooked fried eggs ♥ Plus they give you two!! I love half cooked eggs, sooooo it made the $11.25 worth it hahaha~ plus I got some lil strings of vegetables in my noodles somehow haha~ free veggies ;D

My Hong Kong Station noodles!

Then we went to get yummyyy Vivi Bubble tea~~ I love bubble tea hehehe > 3<“! Plus the milk bubble tea was buy one get one free, so $2.50 for two, what a steal~~~~~ $1.25 each!? Definitely go get some if you’re in Chinatown!!

Sarah & Me with our $1.25 each bubble tea~

Screaming with my Vivi Bubble tea~ Isn't the drawing so cute~?!

Afterwards, we went to Soho since she wanted to buy a designer bag and I was browsing for some designer wallet (since my Liz Lisa one was breaking and so I resorted to using my Burberry wallet I got as a gift awhile ago from my sister, but it doesn’t suit me anymore >”<). Haha we spent too much time in LV >__<” But they were so nice~ and they had this reallyyyyy gorgeous heels that I want so much but I don’t have $960+tax to fork out haha~ oh well, maybe in the future when I have a really good job and save up for it XD

Oh and my first care package from my good friend Michelle!! Thank you so much!! ♥ I’m definitely going to try the MBD Earl Gray Tea & Macroon Face Mask facial mask this week (as my weekly face mask hehe~) and let you guys know what I think of it~ :3

my lovely care package :3

judyhime. ♥

Jolibees, Menkuitei, Dessert Truck, Dim Sum, Rose House, Starbucks, Yum~

My weekend is pretty much just food food food!! XDDDDD

On Saturday, I planned to go shopping first and then do some homework before meeting up with Sarah, Jason and Carissa for dinner~ But Sarah suddenly texted and invited me to go eat Jolibees with her brother and her, and how can I resist!? XD I LOVEEEEE JOLIBEES!!! This time however, I got their fiesta noodle instead of their spaghetti that I get all the time. It was pretty good, but I think I still prefer their spaghetti as I love anything leaning towards a sweeter taste haha!

Then I did go shop by myself, (hey! I went to return things originally XD but ended up shopping more haha~) and got two new jackets, cardigan and two boots. I’ll post pictures and reviews up sometime next week :3

Finally dinner at Menkuitei! I craved their ramen for awhile, plus my friends work there so it was win win for me~ XD I get to see friends and eat some good ramen with my friends :3

I got this because it had eggs in it~ > 3<"

Organic chicken skewer~ :3

Since I love half cooked eggs, I got Tonkotsu Ramen, but it wasn’t half cooked like usual D: oh well~ better luck next time, it was still quite delicious XD The organic chicken wing was good as it wasn’t too heavy in flavor, just enough~ but I don’t really like chicken fat XD The drawing lied by the way~ there weren’t four pieces of chicken, but 5! XDDDDD

After dinner, we were walking towards Union Square and saw the dessert truck, so Carissa and me decided to try their desserts. I’ve always seen it around but never got to try it. Apparently the Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding was the best so I got that one. It was reallyyy good, however halfway through I got kind of sick of it so gave the rest to Jason. Thank god for guy friends haha~ XD

Lots of vanilla~

Size Comparison with my face~

I recommend the dessert truck for people who do love sweet sweets, but do go with a friend to share with ^^


Sunday was yet another lovely day ♥

It used to be my favorite as a kid, I still think it's delicious hehe :3

I had dim sum breakfast with my HS friends, Sherry & Eileen, whom I miss dearly >”< (We need to eat out more~!! hehe) We had a lot of fun chatting and catching up~

Sherry & I~ she's so fun to talk to!

Eileen & I~~ i just love hanging out with her~ makes me so happy > 3<"!!!!

Then I met up with my super buddy. I haven’t seen her in a month, and we had a lovely chat at our usual tea house, Rose House. It’s my favorite restaurant as it’s so my style hahaha~ I really want to work there XDDD


Will definitely be getting this again some other time ^^

We decided to just share a chicken waffle and a tea. I usually get the rose milk tea, but since she can’t really drink tea, we decided to try something new. It was actually something I’ve always been meaning to try, Little Prince Planet Tea. It turned out to be a good choice as it was a mixture of both of our favorite teas in; rose green tea and earl gray tea. It was really good too > u <“!! The waffle however, wasn’t up to par as it usually is >__<” But I still love waffles either ways :3

Michan & I~ and the item I was exchanging, it wanted to join our picture, so~~ XD

Isn't she so cute!! > U <"!!

After shopping a bit at 34th street (I was good today, I only exchanged something XD), we decided to go to Union Square to shop but ended up chatting at B&N’s Starbucks, as that was more important to me than clothes > 3<” How I miss talking to her~~

Michan's coffee~ I still never understood why Tall meant the smallest one O___O"

Chicken Avocado Sandwich~ SOOO GOOD > 3<

I was getting a bit hungry so I decided to try their Chicken Avacodo sandwhich, which came with a bag of chips (which was a nice surprise, I didn’t know! XD) It was actually reallyyy delicious toasted! Though I didn’t finish, but it made a perfect breakfast the next day hehe > u <”

Obligatory shot of us & our food hehe~

I also tried out new make up products today! I loved three, and the other one (the eyeshadow) was pretty good, but I prefer my Asian brand eyeshadows texture better~ I’ll put reviews on MikkiNotes sometime later, which I’ll let you guys now 🙂 So here’s my FOTD~~

♥Face – Maybelline Finishing Veil Powder
L’Oreal Innocent Flush Blush
L’Oreal Baby Blossom Blush
Garnier Anti Dark Circle Roller
♥Eyes – Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Eyestudio Copper Chic
Majolica Majorca cream pencil eyeliner
Fiberwig Mascara
Canmake Eyebrow Mascara
♥Lips – Nivea Shimmer Lip Balm
Tiffa Lip Gloss

♥Dress – Offbrand
♥Bag – ans (Japanese)
♥Shoes – effie
♥Necklace – Betsey Johnson
♥Watch – Badgley Mischka
♥Accessories – various/offbrand
Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well~ 🙂
judyhime. ♥