Red Hair Studio Review

I usually wait about half a year to dye my hair so that my hair won’t be damaged, and just after I finished the semester, my half a year was up! So time to head to the salon for a new hair color and hair cut. My bestie Katherine accompanied me this time. First time someone did besides my ex, i’m so happy :3

before photo

Look at how long my hair used to be!! But pretty damaged looking and my hair color has already faded. It did last pretty long since I used a color care shampoo.

I’ve always wanted to dye my hair a red-brown, but the previous times I asked my hairstylist to dye it for me, he said red will fade too quickly so he didn’t put as much red in it. But this time I showed him a photo with a more red shade so he had to do it for me haha.

The hair dye was of a magenta color and it smelled like roses, which was nice since I love roses. Katherine and I were both confused at first as to why it’s magenta, but my stylist assured me that it will be red and will fade to a nice brown after wards.

After what seems like forever (I keep feeling like they forgot me, but it’s because they didn’t have enough staff. Which is really bad because I think they left the dye in for a bit longer than it should’ve been, which isn’t a good thing…)

good bye long hair D:

I also did a hair treatment, which came with four tubes for me to use once per week at home. So afterwards, you can see how much more healthier and shinier my hair looked.


Look at my hairstylist, Edmond, work at my hair XD Thank you Katherine for the photos! It was funny, he was saying my hair is so long he almost ran into the lady sitting next to me as he cut. And I also mentioned how he will disappear from the mirror as he worked because he has to pull my hair to the side as he cut. This was also my first time in 7 years getting middle parted bangs. I’ve been having the blunt straight bangs or side bangs for 7 years, time for a change!

Almost done!

After he cuts my hair and dries it, he always curls it for me. I love it!! I think he knows I like the princess style so he never has to ask and just does it for me. It’s as if he can read my mind, because last time when I asked to cut 5″ (all my friends were complaining that my hair was too long…) he said he’s only going to cut about 1″, which was great because in my heart I didn’t really want to cut at all haha. Then all my hair colors always come out perfectly what I want.

My hairstylist and me~

So overall, I would recommend Red Hair Salon. The hairstylist I go to and the two helpers that I have worked with so far were all very nice and polite (except the helpers seemed annoyed at my long hair, but that’s expected), however I felt the receptionist should smile more. I would recommend them to hire more staff on the weeknds since they seem to leave me waiting for awhile. The hairstylist acutally started coloring my hair for me which isn’t done often, usually the helpers does it. Therefore I suggest going on a weekday morning, I remember last time I went on a Tuesday morning there was less customers.

Either ways, I always come out much happier than when I went to Japanese salons. Everytime I dyed at Japanese salons, the colors seem to fade faster and they cost more (last time for a chestnut brown I had to pay about $220 even after my student discount…). For this hairstyle, I paid $30 for haircut and $80 for hairdye because I have extra long hair. If you have shorter hair it would be much cheaper. For hair treatment, I bought it as a set before when they had promotion during grand opening.

The salon interior design itself is very clean and modern looking, I love the red chairs and white counters. Though, as you can see from my photos, it is quite cluttered with hair products all over the counter and shelves, and there is the gowns hanging in the back.

By the way just a side note about my hairstylist, I have been going to him for about 4-5 years now, starting when he worked at the other salon (Up Square). I was so sad when he quit because I didn’t know where he went, but with the help of Yelp I found him again.


My OOTD for the day~
Dress – Forever21
Belt – Forever21
Bag – ans (Japanese brand)
Shoes – b.o.c.

After shot

Thank you to lovely Katherine for these shots. You can see my front, side and back. I love the soft V of the back ^_^

Katherine & Me

This is my lovely bestie~~ Thank you for going with me and waiting so patiently with me!! I’ll go with you when you get your hair done too :3

hot pot!!!!!

Afterwards we had hot pot at Baidu Shabu Shabu in Flushing. You can choose the buffet option of $25 + tip & tax or just pick individually. Since we were two girls that don’t eat much, we did the individually one. The total came out to be $20 including tip and tax each, which wasn’t bad since were super full, however they saw a small mark on the paper as what we wanted to order when it wasnt D: D: D: Oh well, at least its something we don’t mind eating haha.

Here is the address of the Shabu Shabu restaurant:

Baidu Shabu Shabu
37-04 Prince St
At 37th Ave
Flushing, NY 11354

The hair treatment

The take home hair treatment comes in four individual tubes and they smell really romantic!! It smells like a light floral and it makes my hair look shinier afterwards. If you get the hair treatment once, I believe it’s $80 but you get discount if you purchase three or more at a time.

For more information and price chart of the salon, please visit their website.

Hope you guys found my review useful ^^”

judyhime chan♥


4 thoughts on “Red Hair Studio Review

  1. So happy you liked your haircut! It’s great that you’re trying new style and colors – it’s another sign you’re growing ^^
    I’m glad we got to eat together too ❤

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