Finally!! The semester is over :D

After a few stressful weeks, the semester is finally over for me! It actually went by really quick, with many days living in the work room hahahaha But I learned a lot more in this semester and hope to learn even  more in the last year of my BFA degree ^_^

the intimate family ♥

That’s the girls of the intimate specialization at FIT, i love them ♥ i don’t know what i’ll do if i wasn’t in this specialization!!!!

intimate apparel professor

she worked for dior before, so her taste level is really high which really helped elevate all of ours, so i’m very grateful for her and for how much she’s taught me 🙂

trying on our slips~

for the final project we all made full control slips, so here we are trying them on. good thing there are no guys in our class so we just took off our tops to wear it becuase it was looking funny with our tops underneath hahahahha

studying for japanese final…

so the final test i had that day was japanese final. i had a 5 hour break so i tried studying… but as you can see i didn’t go very far because i started camerawhoring hahahaha well i was the first to finish the test in any case so, whatever~~~~~

my sensei♥

my sensei and i~ i’m going to miss her so much! she taught me for four semesters and she got to know all of us and our interests. i think i’m about to cry > u <“!!

一年又過了。很多好跟不好的回憶,但是沒有遺憾 🙂

this isn’t the most proud thing to post, but this blog is mainly for me to see my progress over the years, so i feel it’s essential for me to post about it. as well as to hopefully give other people the courage to do the same thing that i did because, believe me, you will feel a lot better afterward, even if it isn’t what you wanted to hear.

seeing yesterday was the last day, i decided to finally confess to the guy i liked for a year. i’ve been contemplating about it for months after a friend advised me to do it. i didn’t think much about it until katherine suggested it to me a few days ago. i posted a facebook status asking if people would confess to who they liked or keep it to themselves. many people encouraged me to do it. After saying my worries about if it gets awkward and he won’t be my friend, a friend said if he can’t get over the fact that i like him and stops being my friend, then he wasn’t worth it. that was true, so i gathered up my courage.

walking to the train station with him, we chatted about usual stuff and i was trying to find the right time to do it because i didn’t want to pressure him. i already knew he doesn’t like me back in that way, but like Sarah said, I am not able to give up my feelings unless the person tells me straight up they didn’t like me back in that way. i just wanted to say it so i will have no regrets as i don’t like to live with regrets ever. it started to rain and we were getting close to the train station, so i decided to do it as i will never have the chance to do so if i kept waiting. the rain actually made it less awkward since we had umbrellas to cover us. as the answer was exactly as expected (at least I was prepared for that) but he was still willing to be my friend. which i’m glad, because i still enjoy his company and hanging out with him ^_^

although i might be a bit sad right now (but no crying! haha) i don’t regret it one bit because i can start to let go of my feelings for him and move on and be able to like someone else without having lingering hope of “what if”. i tried liking other people in between but it never worked because i will go back to him. now i can definitely be able to move on.

i want to thank everyone that encouraged me and for listening to me. i am able to have a fun summer without being tormented by my feelings anymore! i’m freeeeeeeeee~~ it’s summer, time to have fun!!!!!!!!!!

time to start a new chapter in life

judyhime chan♥


2 thoughts on “Finally!! The semester is over :D

  1. It’s summer~! I’m glad you were able to confess and that you got an answer – it’s better to know than not know, ne? Now you can move on ^^

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