4Minute Volume Up Album

Found a youtube video that has all the songs together, which is useful for class time ;D

4Minute Volume Up Tracklist

01. Get On The Floor
Music and Lyrics: Kim Dong Yeol, Im Sang Hyuk
2. Volume Up (Title)
Music and Lyrics: Shinsadong Tiger, Rado
3. I’m OK
Music and Lyrics: Rado
4. Say My Name
Music and Lyrics: Seo Yong Bae, Seo Jae Woo
5. Femme Fatale
Lyrics: M (Lee Min Woo), David Kim (Day Day)
Music: Kim Do Hyun
6. Dream Racer
Music and Lyrics: The Koxx
7. Black Cat
Lyrics: Chang Jun Ho, Min Yeon Jae, Gong Hyun Sik
Music: Chang Jun Ho, Gong Hyun Sik

You can download the album there, but I had some problems when doing that, so I found another link that was more convenient to download here. Here’s a subbed MV:

I still can’t get over how pretty their gowns and hair and make up look TT w TT”~

My favorite is definitely Volume Up, and I really like I’m OK as well. It’s a sad song, and I seem to always like sad songs the best XD The other songs are also pretty catchy, though some sound a bit Americanized to me. My other favorite upbeat songs are “Say My Name” and Black Cat, I like listening to them in the morning while getting ready for school or on the way there. It helps bring up my mood and wake up haha.

Found full body shots of them. Hyuna first 😛 Then the rest in alphabetical order.






Which song was your favorite?

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photography & editing by sandy chen

judyhime chan♥


3 thoughts on “4Minute Volume Up Album

  1. All of the songs are so catchy! Thanks for sharing the preview ^^ hmm, it looks like you need a long white jacket or dress and a nice looking bar stool lol

    • hehe yup! i love this album, i can’t stop listening to it :3
      haha oh my i really do want their dress and jacket >__<" maybe i should try making it during summer XD haha do you have a nice looking bar stool? 😛 i think i had a chair… but i don't know where it went 😦 i just remembered something! i want to do a sweet summery romantic look in that hammock in your house! XD

      • You should make a Volume Up inspired collection during the summer!
        hahaha that hammock isn’t that great – it droops a little too much and it’s not that sturdy XD

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