4Minute Volume Up MV Out!

The wait is finally over!! The MV is out!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

I just loveeeeeeee it!! It didn’t disappoint me at all; it’s very much like the feel of their teasers (since a lot of teasers seem to be very different than their actual MV *coughtheboyscough*). There is not one outfit, hair, scene, background that I did not like! The white outfits made them look like goddesses while the black was very mysterious yet elegant. I especially love Gayoon’s white dress, she looked like a princess!! Actually these are the type of styles I design for intimate apparel XD For the printed dresses, I actually wanted one but wasn’t sure how to wear it, now I have ideas, maybe I should go buy one hehe~ I also love the white room that Hyuna walked into, I want a room like that in the future :3

Anyways, enjoy!! I’m going to keep replaying it. I like the touches of saxophone, and I’m glad they let Hyuna show off her vocals in the front, and then the rap was just pure awesome!

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photography & editing by sandy chen

 judyhime chan♥


4 thoughts on “4Minute Volume Up MV Out!

  1. aren’t they a little late for a twilight style MV? they should’ve done hunger games style if they wanted to keep up with trends. haha.

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