Popteen May 2012 Issue

Yesterday I hung out with my HS friends and Sandy, and we went from KTown to the Garment District (so I can buy fabric dye yay!). Since we were around Kinokuniya, we stopped by there (for a longgg time LOL) and I picked up my Popteeen. Continue reading for some pages from the May 2012 issue. If you want me to take photos of specific contents in the magazines (hair, makeup, more outfits, etc) let me know! I just took some that I found interesting :3

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The graduated models come back for an interview and photos~ Thought it was cute ^^

Maikawa Aiku who’s now in CanCam.

She used to be my favorite before she graduated to Popsister (which is now over). She’s also the face of Liz Lisa.

Aww Okarie finally has a boyfriend. So cute together! He’s Kenzo from “Men’s Knuckle” magazine.

Liz Lisa♥ will forever have a place in my heart haha I have graduated from their super cute, girly looks, but I do like their more mature looks like the far left ones.

I like how they show a few codes for each style. My favorites are the two middle styles, what about yours?

I used to like Hikari a lot, but I just find her cuter when she does the sweeter gyaru than the gyaru mixed with Lolita or “k-pop”. What do you guys think?

Switching gyaru styles XD I think they actually pull of each other’s styles pretty well (all four of them, though for some reason I think the black hair gals did a better job at becoming the attitude of the blonde?)

Her make up definitely got more natural and I think her face also got slimmer? Either way she was always cute ^^

I liked her a lot better when she had the long brown hair in HS, I just think she looked really gorgeous as a more ageha style~ Well now she’s more natural looking, but I just think the other style suited her face better >”<

I really miss her with shoulder length hair and when it was more brown like when she was featured in this PV (that I love the song of! so calming~)

I’m also really happy that I have a dress really similar to her white one in the PV and one like the floral one~ Just got to find a pretty flower to clip onto my straw hat and I can recreate her look hehe

I think she had a big change from before. I used to not like her, I don’t know what it was about her that made me dislike her, but over the past few months when she got more natural with darker hair and lighter make up, she became really pretty in my eyes. Since my favorite Popteen models graduated (Kanno Yui and Izu), she has become one of my top favorites along with Kumikky.

Her looks during Popteen looked relatively the same, but more natural than before entering Popteen.

Took this for my friend Mary, who I remember liked the manga Jigoku Shoujo.

I think Katherine would like these pages with different braided hair look :3 I’ll bring this magazine next time we hang out and we can try them!

OMG I LOVE THE UNION JACK NAIL! If anyone is good at nail art, I’ll hire you to do that on my nails XDDD

Hope you enjoyed the magazine! If you would like to use or take any of the images, please credit back by linking to my blog, thank you! 😀


17 thoughts on “Popteen May 2012 Issue

  1. Yesterday when we went to H&M they had a lot of flower hairclips, you can always buy silk flowers and use a hotglue gun to glue it to a clip or something

  2. so glad to see aiku back in popteen ❤ 😀 i love her in cancam, but… she was way prettier when she was younger D:
    okarie's boyfriend is just asdfgh 8D
    but it saddens me that marimo – which gets prettier with every issue – isn't as often featured as she was 1-2 years ago D:

    • yah! she’s so pretty, but too bad I think she’s only back for this one shoot >”< i actually prefer the older/graduated models 😦
      hahahaha! she's lucky isn't she? XD
      i know!! she's so pretty! sometimes I think she's prettier than kumikki since there are a lot of other gyarus out there that looks a bit like kumikki, so she's a bit more unique looking? she definitely deserve more pages and covers!!

  3. yeah, i simply love her!
    i mean i always wondered how guys react to girls like okarie, who use a lot of make-up and other stuff, but apprently there really are some who like that! good to know LOL
    YES!!!! i don’t like kumikki at all to be honest, i mean she’s pretty and everything, but she always looks the same and her photos are too much photoshopped. and seriously, someone who’s inspired by korean men clothing deserves more attention! XDD

    • me too!! i always wondered that too. especially with her hair extensions, false lashes, etc, but yah it is good to know! and they look so happy together, it’s so cute :3

      exactly!! at first I liked her, but as I saw more and more of her, she just always looks the same XDD OMG! yes, finally someone who thinks like me! haha i like that she’s a kpop fan too ;D

      • yeah, i mean without make-up she looks like a totally different person… maybe the guy is just like her? XD
        i mean, like in 2009 & 2008 she was pretty, but i hate it that she’s on the cover like aaall the time.
        marimo is so much cooler! so happy that someone has the same opinion :DD

      • that’s true XD i think that’s sweet then, we need more guys out there that doesn’t care about looks but personality ^_^
        yah! i agree 😦 they need to give the spotlight to the other lovely models as well~
        yes! 😀

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