More 4Minute Volume Up Teasers

I fell asleep while napping and then my mom woke me up and asked me if I was going to continue sleeping -___-” I realized I didn’t wash my face before napping, so I went to wash my face (I can’t ever sleep without my night skincare routine!) and now I’m wide awake. I decided to look at 4Minute info, and found their new teaser video!

It costed $132,538 USD to construct the set, which appears to be some kind of dark/medieval time gothic castle, which I’m madly in love with. I love gothic cathedrals and castles, I used it once as an inspiration for my designs 8D

Each new teaser I see is making me more excited and anticipating their new album! I especially love Hyuna’s outfit, which I was ordering a skirt similar to her’s, now I’m definitely ordering it hahahaha I think cube entertainment loves using Hyuna’s footsteps, since the beginning reminded me of Trouble Maker. I guess I’m ohkay with their vampire theme now, since they’re making it more classy and sexy looking than a certain movie I must not mention… xP

At first I only found Hyuna’s photos but I searched more to get each individual member’s shot. Here they are! They look so awesome!! Continue reading for the images (Don’t want to make my page load too slow XD)

They all look so pretty in each shot, I can’t seem to choose my favorite XD I’m also loving their outfits and hair! Can’t wait for the 9th :3

judyhime chan♥


5 thoughts on “More 4Minute Volume Up Teasers

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  2. ooo No wonder I thought of the skirt you showed me yesterday when I saw the PV teaser! lol
    Maybe you can do a similar concept for a photo shoot! It’ll be hard to find that kind of scenery but you can try the color scheme and style they used and your new lipstick ^^

    • hehehe yes!! well i wanted that skirt before the MV was released, and when I saw the teaser I had to order it hahahha
      i want to! thanks for the suggestion~ I think we can check out gothic cathedrals around the city or old forts. I think I have an idea, and we can also do the wedding one there, I’ll MSG you about it ^^
      ohh true!! i’m so glad I got the dark red lipstick instead of the orange red they had XD

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