A Day with Katherine♥

Yesterday I had my “date” with Katherine/Tomoyo ♥ It was filled with things I loved – Rose House, waffles, chatting and catching up, playing with hairstyles, photoshoots, walking around.

I was craving waffles since the day I shopped with Sandy (last saturday), so I decided to get that at Rose House. Katherine got their rose cheesecake with fruits. I thought they would’ve gave a bigger pieces judging by the price of $6.99, but it was a really small slice O__O” Now we know not to get their desserts next time XD The waffle size was good though, for $9 you get quite a thick waffle. But the atmosphere of the place is nice, just the wallpapers always bothers me XDD Why don’t they just use a ivory with a slight design!??? Why that random colored floral wallpaper?????? Makes no sense!! It brought down the level of classiness .__.” To make it up, they have a lovely selection of classical music and a welcoming rose aroma in the restaurant.

Afterwards, we went to the basement and saw pretty butterfly decorations hanging from the ceiling which led me to take photos by the columns. Hehehe I make all my friends do a photoshoot for me 8D Here’s Katherine’s photographer moment! (Though I edited the image with my iphone and photoshopped out unnecessary background details LOL)

A friend thought I went to Europe for these photos LOL I wish I can go to Europe!! I really want to visit Paris and London~~ When I get a boyfriend, I’m going to drag him with me :3

After our mini photoshoot, Katherine did my hair as promised. People kept staring at us and some guy even gave us a thumbs up WTH LOL I don’t even know – 3 -” It came out soooooo pretty!!! So we’re planning another mini photoshoot with the hairstyle, most likely going to be a casual bride look ^_^ Also, the conair bobby pins we bought at Target is really good, so if anyone is looking to buy a new pack of bobby pins definitely check out the 90count Conair bobbypins XD For only $2.24 + tax, it gives a really good hold!

Originally we kept the hair down like that, but she thought it looked unbalanced so she put it up in a bun, something very different than what I usually do with my hair, so it was a fun look for me.

My hairstylist and me!!! Isn’t she so cute :3 I love her dusty pink blazer too. I bought the same one when we went shopping, but blazers just aren’t for me so I had to return it T__T” I don’t think structured looks really match me >”<

It was really nice catching up with her, and talking about all my problems with life LOL Thank you for being patient and listening to me ramble on and on XD Did you know that I knew her since 7th grade?????? So it’s been 9 years!!!!! That’s crazyyyyyyy. I’m so glad we kept in touch all this time, and became even closer and closer, one of my bestest friends :3 ♥ Can’t wait for summer so we can hang out more!!

Did a very natural look today. I was a bit scared to walk out of my house without a face caked with make up since I had heavier make up the day before for the photoshoot, but some ladies came up to me and complimented me saying they thought I was pretty, so I felt relieved XD I really have some selfesteem/self conscious issue hahahaha

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Plush Silk Eyeshadow in Copper Chic
e.l.f. Studio Pigment Eyeshadow in Golden Goddess
Car Mela Mascara Composition (which is really weird to use but I’ll write a review after I use it one more time)

No eyeliner yesterday! I hate removing eyeliner, it takes foreverrrr, or maybe I’m just bad at removing it XD I wore blue circle lenses, but for some reason everytime I wear the blue ones I get an eye infection, and these are daily ones that I don’t rewear!! So I’m kind of scared of wearing them again LOL

I’m also excited because Katherine told me about possible collaborations with her friends since one does jewelry and the other one is good with nails. So if possible, maybe I can model those for them, and if it does happen I would be so happy because I always wanted to do those kind of collaborations! So just waiting to see what happens now. Life is getting exciting for me. I’m finally enjoying life thanks to my bestest friends that helps me view life differently ^__^

judyhime chan♥

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5 thoughts on “A Day with Katherine♥

  1. It was a fun day! Hopefully we’ll be able to talk more after our semesters ends @_@ Ne, we should try to make waffles while we brainstorm for the mini photo shoot lol

    (I’m still waiting for my friends to get back to me on that so when I find out, I’ll let you know)

    • yah!! i hope so too ^__^ hehe omg good idea! i have a waffle machine!! i think you probably have one too, so your house is a better idea since your kitchen is bigger XD i found some photos of looks i like, so i’ll show you next time.

      yayy thank you sooo muchhh ❤

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