4Minute Comeback – Volume Up

I’m so excited!!! 4Minute♥ is finally releasing their comeback, and they have two teaser photos out so far~

The two teasers shows two very opposite concepts for their new album, and there are no other information besides these two images. The two opposite concepts kind of reminds me of Kara’s comeback in Japan with their Speed Up (more dark and sexy) and Girl’s Power (very girly and sweet). Between these two teasers, I prefer the first one – it’s sooooo feminine and spring like! Very different from what we’re used to seeing the girl’s in, which is a very refreshing change! The second teaser reminds me of vampires >”<. I *like* how they made Hyuna stand out -_-” As much as I favor her the most, I think it would’ve been better if she had a black belt and a ribbon tie as well so their group would’ve been more cohesive. Or if she is going to be different, place her in the middle since that’s already a focal point of an image.

I’m really excited (haha everyone knows I love Hyuna :3 and 4minute is one of my favorite girl groups) so I can’t wait for the 9th! Their tracklist is out already as well, and I already like the name of their title track. Song #5, Femme Fatale, reminds me of my term garment for AAS where we did gowns based on Film Nior/Femme Fatale.

4Minute Volume Up Tracklist

01. Get On The Floor
Music and Lyrics: Kim Dong Yeol, Im Sang Hyuk
2. Volume Up (Title)
Music and Lyrics: Shinsadong Tiger, Rado
3. I’m OK
Music and Lyrics: Rado
4. Say My Name
Music and Lyrics: Seo Yong Bae, Seo Jae Woo
5. Femme Fatale
Lyrics: M (Lee Min Woo), David Kim (Day Day)
Music: Kim Do Hyun
6. Dream Racer
Music and Lyrics: The Koxx
7. Black Cat
Lyrics: Chang Jun Ho, Min Yeon Jae, Gong Hyun Sik
Music: Chang Jun Ho, Gong Hyun Sik

I was kind of hoping for a very strong and sexy look like they did in HuH (which is what made me become their fan), but I’m interested to see what they’ll do with these two concepts. I’m already starting to plan outfits inspired by their first teaser :3

Hyuna also have a new hair style that I have a love and hate relationship with. It looked really sexy in her selca photos, but when she went to the Spicy Color Launch Party it made her look old, and then in her magazine shoot she looked really pretty (although it might have just been the lighting and make up). Here’s some images of her new hair.

What do you guys think? I like it better when it’s straighter rather than when it’s really defined waves for this hair color. In High Cut they toned the color down a bit, so I think it looks a lot more classy than in the launch party when it’s a brighter orangey-red.

I’m also excited to see the pieces in this new brand, I definitely want to order some (once I find out how! So if anyone finds out, please let me know and I’ll love you forever!!!!!!) It’s supposed to be “retro, chic, and sexy.”

I found the same headband as Hyuna in the photo above! Although her photo is not that clear, I saw it clearer else where but I can’t seem to find that image, but she had a spiked headband. I’ve been looking for it FOREVERRR and when I found it I was soooo happyyyyy :3 I’m also planning to dye my hair that color when the semester is over ^^

judyhime chan♥

PS! I’ll be doing a giveaway soon so be sure to follow my blog for updates on that!


4 thoughts on “4Minute Comeback – Volume Up

  1. ooo so you decided to dye it! Don’t change your mind then lol
    Yeah, I like her hair in the High Cut pic more, maybe you can use that as your reference?

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