New Haircut – Real Short!

Hihi~ I’ve been wanting to try something new and different with my look since I was getting bored with it >__<” At the suggestion of a few friends, I decided to get a new hair cut and had my friend Franklin do a photoshoot for me to show it off hehe :3 I did a preview photo in my previous post in my OOTD, so now it’s the photoshoot OOTD!

Here it is! Let me know what you think of my new haircut ^^

franklin's specialty in editing colors

We took it in SoHo. It was a really breezy and somewhat chilly day, but not too bad, I was able to do a few photos without my coat. So many people were staring, making me self conscious about my new haircut >__<” It was fun though, trying something new!

This time, we had two assistance haha One was Franklin’s friend, Henry, who helped carry my bags. Such a gentlemen XD The other was one of my closest friends, Sarah, who helped me fix my hair and check for good angles for Franklin. I don’t know what I would do without her!

Outfit rundown
Skull Tee – TopShop
Shorts – TopShop
Coat – Taiwan
Black Patent Pumps – Charlotte Russe
Necklace – Vivenne Westwood (kept falling under my shirt so you can’t see the pendent >”<)
Bracelets – Borrowed from my sister Wendy
Rings – Taiwan and Charlotte Russe

FOTD was described in previous post

It was also my first time walking around in 5″ heels. Surprisingly I didn’t trip or hurt my feet afterwards LOL!

My neck looks really weird and long though LOL oh well XD

 judyhime chan♥


6 thoughts on “New Haircut – Real Short!

      • yay! ^_^ i’m glad you think that way! i just think it’s really different and interesting, and surprisingly (i guess because i dont like myself i short hair) i got the most reblogs/likes on tumblur for that photoset! LOL

      • lol I guess b/c it’s so different from your usual style. You look good with long and short hair but I think long hair suits you more ^^ At least you know that if you had to cut your hair short, you won’t look bad!

      • haha i guess so, but they are strangers that reblogged it O__O”!! LOL hehe that’s true :3 it’s good to know, and it’s also good that I know he don’t like short hair which means I won’t be cutting it for awhile XD

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