April Fool’s! – I still have long hair XD

Hihi~ I know I only put it up for a short bit, but I had the short hair pics and joke on facebook for a long time and tricked a lot of my friends (except those that knows me too well and those that are wig experts) to thinking I cut my hair short. Short hair is fun, but definitely not for me or my style >__<” I also started getting depressed because it seems like a lot of people preferred my short hair more D: unless they were just saying that to be nice XD

誰にも言えない 心の中をずっと乱していく
もう忘れたい 忘れられない
I love you?"
- "Sakura, I Love you?" 西野 カナ

To make myself feel better, and because a friend was like “OMG this is so different from your liz lisa!!” I wore my favorite Liz Lisa dress and did a self photoshoot. I guess it was a success because my sister’s boyfriend was like “Who took these for you!?” Haha same thing with the previous selcas I took, Franklin was like “Oh who took it for you?” I guess I can do self photoshoots now 😛 I’m still looking for a model friend to practice photography on >__<”

I always wanted to take lying down poses (all of these were taken laying down) but I always looked soooo weird!! I realized, lying down photos looks best when you have no bangs or the really side ones (like the one I have now). So good thing I never gave in, because there were so many occasions where I wanted to just cut my bangs short again XD

I’m also really glad I never cut my hair that short because the guy I liked commented on how he didn’t like short hair LOL so I was like oh no!! I must hurry and reveal that it was a prank XD My sister, her boyfriend, Grace, and Katherine thinks long hair suits me better too, so I’m glad :3

I did a really quick make up (took me about 10-15 mins?) based on Hyuna’s make up in one of her recent photoshoots. Make up used:

Dollywink eyeliner (pencil and liquid)
Stilla Eyeshadow in Cloud
Tarte jewerly box set in cameo and idol for eyes and a dark bronze for eyebrows
Kate White Eyeliner Pencil
Fiberwig mascara

Revlon Photoready concealer color 02
Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in blissful
Lorac Starry-eyed baked eye shadow trio in Movie Star (Used the lightest color as highlight)

I was originally going to take sitting down photos, but it looked really awkward! I realized my Liz Lisa dress didn’t show up in my photos XD So I’m going to put a photo of Yui Kanno wearing the dress! It’s from their Spring 2011 collection, and it’s one of my favoriteeee dress from them ^_^ I hope I can do a photoshoot with it hehe

Haven’t listened to Japanese songs in awhile, but I found Kana Nishino♥♥♥’s “Sakura, I love you?” and fell in love!! I really like the interior designs of the set up, the white & the black outfits, and her hairstyles. I want to try it :3 Probably going to try her make up on wednesday when I meet up with Katherine ♥ (Who’s so nice and going to braid my bangs for me for this hairstyle I really want to try!) I’m so excitedddd :3

judyhime chan♥


5 thoughts on “April Fool’s! – I still have long hair XD

  1. lol I feel like I learn something new about you with each post – good thing I read this before Wed XD I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow~!

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