Jill Stuart 15th Anniversary Special Issue Mook & Recent OOTDs

I always enjoyed Jill Stuart Mooks as her aesthetics are similar to mine (feminine, lace-y, diamonds, pink and floral. however we do execute our designs quite differently, but it’s inspirational for me to look at her collections), so when I saw the new one out I had to get it! Although it was a bit price-y, at $33.35 + tax.

Jill Stuart 15th Anniversary Special Issue Mook

One of the main reason it caught my eye was one of the gift – the white lace x pink clutch. It looked so cute and I always wanted a clutch with the diamond shaped opening ever since I saw Prada’s 2010 collection’s see through clutch with the same closure. I also thought the tote bag would be useful for school since I carry a lot of supplies around. I was stupid and didn’t check the measurements though XD

official photos of the gifts

gifts in real life

The tote bag was faux leather and the quality of it was quite good, it didn’t look like those cheap materials and is even lined inside. However, it was smaller than I thought – it fitted the box of the mook/gifts with just a bit more room and height left. So it would only be good for the days I bring a few books to school. I also wished it was a paler pink since I’m more of a pale pink girl, but I do love the pretty Jill Stuart metal tag on the front. Makes it more expensive looking hehe

close up shot

The clutch is just pure love! I love love love the beutiful closure (reminds me of their perfume caps) and of course lace and pink XD However, the lace didn’t look that expensive, but didn’t look cheap either. It’s hard to find an expensive white lace, so I forgive them haha xP I think it would’ve looked more expensive with black lace and light pink (like their make up bag that I purchased), but that would’ve looked less spring (this is a spring mook afterall) and they did that before for their real collection in 2010. Maybe I should go back in time and buy it hehe It’s also lined inside and has their name tag inside. It’s not that big either so it’s definitely more for special occasions/evening where you would just bring your wallet, a small pouch for money, comb/mirror/little make up and keys. Definitely can’t wait to use it :3

must show one of my favorite things in the world, bridal designs ♥

I have grew up and stopped buying mooks/magazines for the gifts, so I also bought the mook to take a look inside at their new collections. The mook itself was of high quality paper and had beautiful shots of models/celebs in her designs, runway shots, staff, new collection pieces and info of her other branches (cafe, housegoods, etc). I was so happy to see a wedding dress. Oh how I love bridal~ The teapot and cup above is also so cute, I love the gold detailing!

lena fujii

Spotted Lena Fujii in a lovely lace dress! Seems quite difficult to find a beautiful, expensive looking white lace party dress here. I only have causal ones (and they’re from Japan or Taiwan XD Can’t find any in NY!)

Kozue Akimoto

I love the background of this shot! I want to do it too XD I never heard of this model before (Kozue Akimoto) but she looks really pretty!

Rina Carolina

I mentioned Rina Carolina in my JugeETTA post before, and I think she’s getting prettier and prettier each time I see her haha~ Well I think when someone matures, they usually get prettier for some reason. Maybe because the looks are more “cleaned up” and sophisticated. I hope I can be that way too, I’m slowly working on dropping my cute little girl image!

I just checked JugeETTA’s site and her modeling photos aren’t the main ones anymore, so sad XD But I guess it’s because mainly people though it was weird for a young model to be the face of a brand targetted for women 24-28 years old.


Spring = itchy eyes and nose >__<” Although the scenery of NY with the blossoming trees and such is so pretty, all these pollen are killing me T__T” Hope this year’s pollen levels aren’t too high. The weather has also been playing games with us – beautiful warm weather last  week, cold chilly days these past few days. Please make up your mind mother nature!!

Do you like my new “camera”?? haha, with my new obsession with photography and my broken sharpener, I bought a new sharpener that looks like those old vintage cameras. Isn’t it the cutest!? Haven’t used it yet, so hopefully it’s good enough otherwise my homework will look like crap haha

My outfit from last week, I chose light colors to welcome spring :3

Sweater – handmade for an assignment last semster
Shorts – wetseal a few years back so probably don’t have it anymore ( a lot of people have been asking me where I got it since they like it too ^^”)
Flats, scrunchie, necklace – Taiwan

Look from today! I chose to wear white since we were presenting our panty collection, which of course I did bridal! So I wanted to match my collection XD I’m glad some friends noticed hehe And since it’s spring, I can wear flowers in my hair and not look crazy, so did that with my new flower headband that I just LOVE. I’ve been looking for these since last year, but only found expensive ones, so when I saw these, I had to get it in both colors (also pink)!

Dress: Liz Lisa
Headband & Boots (not pictured): Forever21
Bow Necklace: Taiwan

cute cupcakes made by erin

of course I would choose pink, what a surprise!

Since we have to make a merchandising scheme for our collection, a girl in our class made cute cupcakes for everyone. She also made this prettiest necklace ever! I told her to make more so I can buy one from her, and since she really loved the bow I made on my thong, she said if I make her a bow, she’ll make me a necklace. Deal! I hope she really does because I really want it! It was this beautiful stone with a rose inside, how cute is that!?

delicious cupcake :3

The cupcake was strawberry vanilla, and first time I enjoyed icing XD

Looking back at the weekend, even though I was sewing the whole time (therefore did not study at all for both midterms yesterday -___-“), I’m really glad I chose intimate apparel. I don’t know how I would be able to design other specialization and be happy. Although I was working a lot on it, I was happy doing it. The 8th semester students were also there and they were all helping each other and seemed to have close relationships, so I’m hoping by 8th semester our block will be the same. I can already see it being the same as we all seem to help each other and support each other :3 We even have a facebook group to contact each other haha~ I’m so glad, two more semesters with such lovely classmates. There is not one that I dislike!

HOLY lsdjfdlsfjlsdjf!!!!! I am soooooooo obsessed with the Chinese version of miss A’s touch! I was already obsessed with the original Korean one when it came out, but when I heard the Chinese one that released later… I keep replaying it, and for once I actually prefer the Chinese version more (for EXO I prefer the Korean version of the group XD) ANDDDD Suzy’s Chinese pronunciation is almost perfect!! I had Sarah listen to it, and she thought she was the Chinese member XD Love Suzy & Fei! The rap part is amazing too!

Sorry for such a long entry XD

judyhime chan♥


6 thoughts on “Jill Stuart 15th Anniversary Special Issue Mook & Recent OOTDs

  1. For the flowery picture you put, maybe you can find really nice tissue paper or maybe taffeta to make the flowers? Then after you’re done with that photoshoot, you can make a dress out of the flowers lol (Kind of thinking of Paradise Kiss but different – http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ek-KbY4BcAQ/Tx1L6rdP6gI/AAAAAAAAA4U/_Y06nWrWgSw/s1600/paradise_kiss_%25281%2529.jpg)

    I’m glad you’re wearing some of the clothes you made! Your outfit looked really cute and I liked how you decided to match your bridal collection for your presentation day =]

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