Popteen & SCawaii April Issues

Haven’t bought Japanese magazines in a long time, so the other day I went to pick up three magazines and I was surprised that many of the new items I’ve been purchasing or been wishing for is what’s trending now. So now I don’t regret any of my purchases XD I picked a few outfits from each magazine that I really like and want to buy similar pieces :3

popteen march 2012 and april 2012 issue, s cawaii april 2012 issue

I actually don’t like Popteen as much anymore since my style has matured quite a bit. Been leaning more towards SCawaii again (like in HS haha). I don’t think I fit the cute cute style anymore? >_<

Really in love with the high-low sweaters and skirt trend! I’ve been buying a few clothes that has the high-low trend, so can’t wait to wear them ^^ I really want the tights Marimo is wearing – I just LOVE garter-like tights. I have a few but I just can’t get enough of them!! Also looking for a nice beige blazer, so if anyone knows where I can get a good one, please let me know ^ 3^ Like last year, mint seems to be trending for spring, and I really love how soft the color is.

Love loose blouses for spring, it’s so nice and airy! The two girls look really cool in the monochrome styled outfit (well except for one of their boots XD but their jackets!). Kumickky is wearing a Liz Lisa ensemble that looks more sophiscated than cute, which is the Liz Lisa style I like better now :3 Loving Okaeri’s trench coat, it’s adorable!

I really love corset like tops, which the stylist paired with the high-low skirt, making it a bit more feminine. The loose trench coat is a nice look for spring. Now I found another way to wear the pinky-beige loose trench coat I bought last year :3 The light blue is a nice fresh color for spring, and they made it more casual yet still stylish with a tee. Last but not least, one of the reason why I picked up the magazine was for the lingerie featured so I can get some inspiration. This spread featured the lovely Lena♥ I’ve been told by many people that I look like her – how i wish that was true! But she’s way cuter and sexier than I am haha~

I was really surprised to see Kim Hyun Joong in Popteen! He’s so handsome and talented. He’s like me, with the 4D personality haha~

Lately my style has been all over the place, from cute ruffly outfits, to more cool chic. I think I’m a bit confused what style I want to go for, but I honestly want to be able to pull off all kinds of style. Plus, I’ve been getting positive feedback from strangers, friends and professors on the different looks I have, so I guess I’m on the right track and can do it! I hope so :3

cardigan: uniqlo / belt, top, skirt: taiwan / necklace: betsey johnson

Here’s one that my fashion art professor simply adored and said I should be sent on the senior runway XD I think she’s being too nice! My Japanese sensei said I was like a cherry blossom haha I regret not buying the cardigan and belt in more colors >_<

I don’t usually love sweaters, but when I saw this one, I fell in love immediately since it featured the Union Jack flag and is cropped so it won’t make me look fat XD I hate sweaters because I feel like it makes me look fatter XD My mom was like, “What in the world are you wearing!?” referring to my tights. My lingerie classmates and professors on the other hand thought like me – they loved it. I guess only some people will understand my style haha~ This is probably my favorite outfit recently as it’s really comfortable and I received a lot of good feedback on it. Some guy even took a picture of me in the garment district while I was buying fabrics for class. I would’ve appreciated if he asked first though. But if he did, I probably would’ve walked away really fast XD

This has to be the cutest song and MV I’ve seen recently :3 It’s been posted on facebook by many of my Korean friends so I decided to watch and now I can’t stop replaying it. The guy in it is super adorable, and the math equation turning into “I love you” is just so sweet and clever! I’m also amazed at how they found actors that looks just like the younger version of the couple, so cute~

 judyhime chan♥


5 thoughts on “Popteen & SCawaii April Issues

  1. For the pink cardigan and belt outfit: next time you can try wearing something smoother inside so that the ruffles from the cardigan don’t conflict with the inside material. Also, you can make the cardigan fall nicer if you fold it more carefully before you belt it =]

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