Nyx Snow White Lipstick Swatch, March Glam Bag, Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Duo Swatch

Franklin (haha ohkay time to reveal people’s names XD i realized I wanted to credit them, so I would have to reveal their names. I used to just use initials because I wasn’t sure if my friends are comfortable with me writing about them on my blog, but too bad! haha) edited some of the photos and sent them to me! This one is his and my favorite shot. I really like how he edited the colors, and how my hair came out haha. He edited most of them in black and white, but I really think he should do more colored ones because I actually like his color edits better, but oh well. It’s his portfolio so can’t control him haha I’m just the model!

I finally got my first real red lipstick! The covergirl one I got last time was more of a pinkish red, so I wanted to try a real red red. I was stuck between NYX’s Snow White or Electra, but from other people’s swatches I thought Snow White would look better. When I went to the Ulta near me, there was only one Snow White left, so that also made me decide to get it haha XD!

nyx snow white with clear lip gloss over it

Like the other NYX lipsticks I have, it’s a creamy texture, very easy to apply but it does smudge a bit. However, it looks a lot darker on my lips than other people’s swatches. >_< It did make me look paler, but I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. I tried it again with my new e.l.f. natural nymph lipstick (swatches coming up in next post!) and I liked how it’s a lighter red!

e.l.f. natural nymph with nyx snow white

Here’s how it looked at the end. I also wanted to show you guys the new f21 jewelry I got! The necklace and earrings are from their Alex & Chloe collaboration, which I got for upcoming photoshoot. I wasn’t sure if I would like it myself, but upon receiving it, I fell in love with it! I love that it’s a much better quality, however it was more expensive than their regular jewelries too. Though I probably should’ve gotten the silver earrings instead, since the black disappears in my hair, so I would have to tie up my hair to show it off. The ring reminded me of the studded rings I see in Korean MVs XD Just thought all three goes together. I’m also wearing the new Rory Beca collaboration dress, which I’ll show pictures in my next post.

In the make up above, I used my new Glammie Classic Crease Brush & Brush Case that I got in the March Glam bag.

March Glam Bag

When I saw a preview picture, I was really excited to get the brush since it’s pink and I just love new make up brushes :3 I didn’t really like the flower bag (not my style haha) so I’ll be giving that to my friend Michelle. I was also veryyyy glad to get the Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher by Pur-lisse, since it was given at random where the other two choices would’ve been Perfect Cleansing Foam by 3LAB or Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15 by Murad. Even though the other two products are more expensive than the one I got, I have enough cleansing products and I like porcelain skin so the bronzing cream would’ve been useless to me. I’m also excited to try the Keracolor sample since I’m a hair product junkie hehehehehe. This was the first glam bag that I actually like and use the products of! That’s the thing with these kind of bags, you won’t always like each month’s items .__.” Hoping that next month will have something I like~

"Fruit butters and healing vegetable oils make Pur-lisse Pur-Lip Comfort Daily Lip Nourisher - a petroleum-free formula that doubles as a primer - one of the beauty industry’s most effective lip hydrators. Vitamin E softens and protects against free radicals, bathing your pout in luxurious moisture."

I really love how moisturizing it is without being oily at all! Plus, it works great as a natural looking lipgloss since it gave my lips a bit of color and a bit of shine ^^ It also does not have any strong scent.

Here’s a closer view of the brush in the bag.

"Hand-selected by Michelle from her recent trip to Hong Kong for Cosmoprof Asia"

However, I’m a bit disappointed with the brush; it wasn’t that soft and didn’t apply the make up as smoothly as I thought it would. It did make my crease look more apparent, but here is how my eye make up ended up looking like (you can see a gap in crease, it didn’t apply that smoothly).

Eyemake up 03.16.2012

My mom’s friend gave me a small eyeshadow palette from Estee Lauder since she knows I love make up, so she’s been giving me a lot of products from brands such as Estee Lauder and Lancome XD She’s so nice!! Anyways, I tried it, but since the colors I tried this time (Ivory Slipper SATIN and Hot Cinamon Shimmer) were really light, I had to mix in colors from my other palettes.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Duo with Glammie Classic Crease Brush

As you can see, the brush picks up some of the colors, so I would say only average. I really was hoping the brush to do a better job, since it looks nicely made and has a nice clean looking brush case that I adore! I also expected the eyeshadows to be more intense, but it was super light >_< Here’s swatches of all four (I layered it twice on my skin)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Duo 10 Ivory Slipper SATIN 35 Hot Cinamon SHIMMER 06 Clouds (Duo)

I haven’t tried the Clouds Duo yet, but I think those two will probably show up on my eye a lot better than the former. As you can tell, the Ivory Slipper is so light, you can barely see it on my skin! It would be good for a more natural looking make up.

I also got my e.l.f. haul, but I’ll be putting that separately and I’ll be comparing e.l.f.’s mineral line’s crease brush to the glammie one, so stay tuned!

OOTD dress Liz Lisa, bow tights Betsey Johnson

 judyhime chan♥

Below is my rant on my week, so I’ll be putting it under a break for those that are interested in my personal life haha XD

This week has been so hectic for me; the whole weekend I spent on my CFDA project, rendering 12 figures and then making flats for each piece (since I’m a  perfectionist it took forever…). Since I fell asleep on Saturday (1 hour nap turned into 7 hour sleeping time .__.), I wasn’t able to sleep Sunday night, and had to go to Staples near my school by 8:30 to print. That’s when the printers decide to hate me and took forever to finally print my flats out. What’s worse is the colors came out so weird, but nothing I can do since it was due at 9:10. Good thing I printed the figures and inspiration pages Sunday evening at the Staples near my house which had a much better color control. Monday I had class until 10 (I wanted to cut the noon and night class, but since it’s Japanese, I can’t cut because there is someone there I want to see hehehe).

Then Tuesday I had morning class at 9, which I was late for because the trains decided to hate me and break down so I had to take a longer route. After that I ran around the garment district buying all my trims for my control shapewear panty. Pacific didn’t have the lace elastic my professor so I ran around different stores, and went to M&J, which is known to be expensive, but they were the only ones that had something really similar at a very good quality. Every other store looked cheap, and I’m a good quality freak so I would rather spend more money to elevate the look of my design. Finally I slept a bit in school (so uncomfortable!) and started cutting out my fabrics to sew. Luckily I got there before other students so I claimed a chain stitch machine and sewed all the stitches that needed chain stitch before 2AM (when they kick us out). The next day, everyone was fighting over the chain stitch so I was so relieved to have done it before they did. However I realized I only bought one set of garter clips so I had to go back to rebuy, but at least i got every thing that needed a machine done by 1AM and headed home to sew the rest by hand since it was due the next morning.

Now I’m kind of worried though. It’s supposed to be shapewear, but I have lace up in the front and bows on my garter, and my elastic is a bit ruffly detailed. All of these was approved by the professor, but right before we presented our garments, she said “oh! i forgot to give you guys the rubric! remember, I’ll be checking to see how well your garment does as shapewear.” i froze, mine is not very “shapewear” since it’s not flat and has a lot of details… but during my presentation she was like “i let judy do all of those etc etc”, so i’m really hoping she won’t take off points for that but she’s known to be a hard grader >__<” but oh well, i liked how my panty came out and i’m definitely going to do a photoshoot with it, hoping paul will keep to his words and help me take my lingerie photoshoots for my portfolio XD

After presentation we had to sit through her lecture, and although i was tired, I went to the school gym afterwards for about 40 minutes. Have to go at least twice a week! Then we went on our class trip to Hanky Panky, which was amazing!!! I never checked out their items before since their name didn’t particularly attract me, but OMGGG their bridal and after midnight collection is to DIE for. Seriously, once the bolero is out on the market, I’m purchasing it no matter the price and wearing it out haha!

I really think I’m going to end up doing just bridal lingerie, I really love the two :3


8 thoughts on “Nyx Snow White Lipstick Swatch, March Glam Bag, Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow/Eyeshadow Duo Swatch

  1. I’ll wait for you to post more pics ^^ The red lipstick looks nice on you but I think you have to be careful with what you’re wearing since your skin is so light. It’s great that you’re trying out new colors and that you got good stuff from your glam bag! Hopefully your mom’s friend can give you more make up so you can test them out =]

    Your week sounded so crazy @_@ I hope you get more sleep! Are you gonna post your finished product on FB? This would be so much easier if we went to the same schools lol

    • hehe ohkay! 😀 when he sends me more hehe
      thanks i know what you mean!! i can’t use certain eyeshadows as well because of this XD but i look weird with a tan, so I will just have to work around with my skintone hehe >U<
      hehe thanks! i'm so glad too! do you subscribe to glam bag as well? ^^
      i hope so too, and hope it's helpful to people interested as well X)

      thank you! i think i will post it next week maybe… LOL debating about it XD haha i know! switch to my schooooool and design too 😛 you can do childrenswear hehehehehe

      • Kinda interested in doing it but not sure – how do you subscribe to the glam bag thingy?

        hahaha I have 1 more year before I finish my degree, it’s too late to switch XD

      • you go to their website and subscribe, it’s $10 a month ^^
        haha that’s true T__T” at least one more year, and then we graduate hopefully we’ll have more time to hang out ^__^

      • Thanks for the link! I’ll think about doing it ^^
        I hope we’ll have more time too~

      • hehe no problem! let me know if you do and we can discuss about which products we got at the end because each person gets a different color of some products, etc
        yah!! can’t wait for spring break and summer vacation :3

      • Okie dokie ^^ I’ll think about it during the break – my brain is filled with making lessons for my second graders and my lines for my Japanese skit @_@ lol
        I can’t wait for the break or summer vacation either!

      • haha i know what you mean! my brain is full of sewing and sketching these past few weeks, can’t wait for the break! when is yours? ^^

        omg summer vacation… it seems so far away >__<"!!

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