First Photoshoot with F & Some Recent Buys

After weeks of talking and shopping around for outfits, I finally did the first photoshoot with F today. I was excited yet nervous (I always am when it comes to photoshoots, I always think I won’t do good enough for the photographer’s expectations, but I really love modeling so I try my best> 3<“). What was lovely was the photoshoot perfect weather today; cloudy and not too cold, though around 5:30 it started getting windy and cold. We decided to take photos until sunset (around 6) and from the previews on the camera, some photos came out really good. Can’t wait for F to choose and finish editing, then I can share it here and use as my facebook profile haha. I was going to use P’s lolita shoot’s photo, but he still haven’t sent me any -___-”

beautiful weather!

I really liked how my hair color came out in the photos. I have been contemplating on dyeing my hair again, but I like how it’s a bit pinkish in the photos haha, so no need to dye anytime soon ^ 3^ Also, I liked how F will be encouraging about the poses, and said what he liked and what not to do, gave a lot of direction which was helpful for me XD It also helped me relax and had a good time during the shoot, even thought it got cold haha. Can’t wait for it to get warmer and do longer shoots!

Anyways, here is the make up I did today, I tried to do the same type of eyeliner and eyeshadow as Hyuna in some of the promotion pictures for Trouble Maker, but used a different type of eyelashes. And as you all know, she’s my goddess, so I was glad F approved of the make up so I can use it for the photoshoot. But somehow I feel I ended up looking more gyaru than her makeup T__T”

FOTD 03.07.2012 - 1st photoshoot with F

make up inspiration

I also used these Korean falsies for the first time, it was pretty easy to apply (easier than the daiso one) but they fall off more easily than the daiso! >_<” I forgot my glue in the car trunk so during dinner i kept shoving the eyelash back on hahaha. Also my first time to line my waterline, I was always so scared to do so, since my friend told me I look better with less makeup, but I actually liked how it looked (without the fake lashes, I only wear those for photoshoots, I personally don’t like how falsies look on me), so might be a new look for me ^^

red dress for the photoshoot

I didn’t have time to snap a picture of the exact outfit I wore with it though; I wore it with black tights and black patent pumps instead. This dress is really hard to walk around and sit in since they made it so tight on the bottom -___-” So I will NOT recommend this to anyone hahah

salmon dinner

Afterwards, I dragged him and his friend to eat with me at Rose House since I was craving it, and I told F I’ll take him to eat there sometime. I got salmon (as always haha) and their portion was bigger than last time I went! I love how soft the salmon was, and that the taste wasn’t heavy (I don’t like oily or food that’s too salty).

new furry coat~

I’ve been wanting a new black coat, especially one with some texture, and finally found one! I was kind of nervous if the fur will look more like hair LOL but I actually really love the texture. I can wear it buttoned up all the way to cover my neck or button just the last three buttons so it’s more like a peacoat/double breasted blazer look.

new body con dress

Also been wanting to buy this body con textured wave dress for awhile, but never got around to ordering it. Since I ordered the red dress for the shoot, I got this as well, and was excited since it kind of reminded me of miss A’s bandage dress (maybe it’s just me haha). Although it didn’t show some skin with the see thru parts of the dress like the modeled picture, I still like it. F also liked it so we’ll probably do a photoshoot with it ^^

I realized I’ve been buying a lot of black or white items, haha… I think they’re my new favorite colors. Goodbye pink! I don’t think I can stand wearing my pink frilly clothes or floral clothes anymore, I’m not sure what to do with it because a majority of my closet is composed of these elements -_____-”

braided hair look~

Also been trying different hairstyles because I’m getting bored with my hair. This was inspired by a selca taken by miss A’s suzy. What do you think? :3

judyhime chan♥


5 thoughts on “First Photoshoot with F & Some Recent Buys

  1. I like the pictures that you put up so far~ Your hair looked really nice against the setting sun! I hope you get to do more photo shoots with F – he sounds like a nice photographer who can make you feel comfortable while posing =]

    hmm, maybe your make up looked different because she had more emphasis on the eyeliner? Not too sure …

    You can try wearing your pink and floral clothes with fitted blazers for a more mature style. Or maybe wear a sweater over your dresses so it’ll look like a skirt? lol you can use the clothes that you’re definitely not going to wear for material *snip, snip* XD

    • thank you! i really liked how the hair color came out too! really glad how things turned out since it was our first time working together XD hehe thanks, he is! very nice and no pressure. p was nice too but he didnt give much feedback so i wasn’t sure if i was doing it right or wrong, until later he says i was doing a good job so no need for any directions, but still LOL! as a good photographer, they are supposed to talk to the model so they know if they’re doing it right or wrong 🙂

      now that you mention it, i think her eyeliner was a bit thicker. it always look thick when i first draw it but after taking photos i realized it’s not as thick as i want it to be, at least now i know to just draw it thicker haha but also the eyelashes we chose to use is different, so i think that might also affect the overall look :X

      ohhh good idea, i like the sweater idea and i just need to find a nice blazer i like haha or i can just use my leather jacket :3
      OH NO! ill cry to cut my dresses T__T” but if i really need the fabric… LOL!!

      • I guess it just depends on the style of the photographer and model, ne? ^^
        Make up is so tricky when you do a photo shoot >.< At least you know for next time that you can put more than usual. Maybe you can take some test shots to see how your make up looks, then adjust it before you start the real shoot?

      • yup! i think so too! 🙂 sandy also makes me very comfortable, and her angling is soooo good, omg LOL

        omg that’s a really good idea, i can’t believe i didn’t think of that before -_____-” i’ll definitely try that next time! thanks 🙂

      • I really like her pictures too!
        lol no problem ^^ Hope your next photo shoot goes well!

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