Start of 2012 Snapshots – Food

Wow one and a half month past by so fast!! I was so caught up with school work that I haven’t really have time to blog, but I finally have time to put up some snapshots of the past one and a half month (lots of things happened, good and bad, but mostly good especially because the “bad” part isn’t all that bad haha!!!!!! ;D). My winter break has actually been quite productive, I learned baking and cooking from S and a few other friends, went to a museum, did photoshoots <3, practiced applying makeup on other people (thanks s and “tomoyo”) and started going to gym again. However, I should’ve thought more about fashion design as well haha oh well!!

Since I have so much memories and such, this post will be mostly on food and i’ll make a separate post for makeup and photoshoots :3


S taught me how to make omurice!! it came out  pretty good except for a little hole i made on my egg piece… but it’s ohkay, you can’t see it ;D and the initials on it doesn’t stand for anything anymore haha!!! or it can stand for tomoyo’s real name’s initial, i think that’s better haha :3

nutella x banana x blueberry jam crepe

we also made crepes! the only toppings we had were nutella (by crushing ferrero rocher chocolate haha!! S is so smart ;D), banana and blueberry jam she made herself :3 i love crepes hehe

strawberry cake :3

my hs friends and i tried to make this strawberry layered cake that they got the recipe on youtube, but whipped cream came out so weird! let’s just say it’s crumbs cake ;D but the strawberries were really good XD and i got kissed by “tsukiko”‘s uncle’s dog that day haha i think he liked me :X

korean seafood pancake

S also taught me how to make korean seafood pancake!! i’m so happy cuz i love seafood pancake :3 now i can make it myself (if i get off my lazy butt haha…)

5 minute cake

she also found a recipe for a 5 minute cake on youtube! since we put less sugar, the cake didn’t have as much taste so we experimented by putting peanut butter on it, and then it still didn’t have enough taste so we put melted chocolate as well haha so much chocolate @__@” it was a fun experiment though~ but i think i’ll like to learn baking with the oven next time!

sugar cookies & red velvet cookies

Tomoyo and i tried baking cookies, it was a bit too sweet and hard, but making the shapes was fun (though a bit difficult because of the stickiness of the sugar cookies’ dough and the really hard red velvet cookies’ dough) 😀 i think i’ll stick with red velvet cupcakes/cakes though, which i love :3

great dessert at morimoto

i also went to restaurant week for the first time! we chose morimoto, and the dessert was reallyyyyyyy good. i want to learn how to make it! my friends chose the wagyu beef bentou but said the beef was hard to chew, good thing i chose the black cod because that was really delicious! i love fish :3

korean hot pot with live octopus D:

tried korean seafood hot pot on northern blvd. it was good except… the live octopus was so sad 😦 i felt so bad for it, one guy just grabbed the octopus (with chopsticks though! haha) and shoved it underneath the rest of the ingredients… but it did taste good XD i just feel bad for it haha their seafood pancake was good too :3

crab stuffed fillet at rose house~

went with “tsukiko” to my favorite tea house, rose house :3 i love their rose tea, rose cookies (really expensive though! 9 cookies for $7.99 wtf… i should learn to bake it myself!), rose decorations~~ well i love rose anything so haha… but their entree and corn soup are good too 😀

sparkly lenses

tsukiko had these lenses for digital cameras (thought it worked on my iphone better because of the shape of her camera lenses) which makes anything with light glisten, pretty cool but it was expensive, $20 >”< i want to save up for a real (mirrorless) camera instead! haha

salmon bentou at radiance tea

went with tomoyo to radiance tea house for lunch since we went for tea tasting last time. i got salmon ❤ bentou, the salmon was pretty good, but it wasn’t really worth it for the price >”< $15 for the salmon, some vegetables and two dumplings, as compared to rose house; $13~15 for an entree, soup, veggies and a whole pot of tea. lesson learned; rose house is still the best haha 8D

viva la crepes~

went with my other photographer friend p (i’ll write about our photoshoot in another entry XD) to viva la crepes. he got savory and i got the sweet one, i think because the lady overcooked my crepes, it got too crunchy so his tasted better and more crepe like. XDD he got #9, with chicken, which i would recommend since it was pretty good. i got nutella with strawberries and banana. i should’ve picked dark chocolate though XD oh well! the tea was ohkay too~ i thought the shop was pretty cute and cozy :3

rocco's dessert

since i never had cannoli before, we went to rocco’s dessert so i can try it. he ordered a lot of desserts @__@” i never understood how people can eat so much. as you can see the plate with the two mini desserts is mine XDD the cannoli was pretty good, to my pleasant surprise it wasn’t whipped cream or anything like it XD more like frosting as he put it, but with different texture. however i think my favorite dessert is still chocolate molten cake, waffles and crepes :3

Sweet moment Fuerza Bruta

My sister and her bf took our family to watch Fuerza Bruta. It was a really different and interesting show that makes you think about life, since it seemed to be about the guy’s dream sequence. I like weird crazy things about dreams and a person’s own world/mind (that’s why i LOVEEE sucker punch hehe). My favorite moment was at the end when apparently a couple that went on their first date together to Fuerza Bruta and went back every year, got engaged!! so sweet!! i couldn’t hear his proposal but to me too it’s too short 😦 maybe it’s just me, i like sweet proposals that’s not just “will you marry me” haha XD but still a cute moment nonetheless! 😀

at the MoMa

I thought i never went to the MoMa before so S took me on a friday evening (since that’s free for everyone, so if you’re ever in NYC on friday, be sure to seize the opportunity! haha :D). When we almost got in, it hit me that i did go, but it was with my ex to Tim Burton’s exhibit and that was what we mostly went for so I forgot that it was at the MoMa. My favorite part of the museum was the wall you see me posing in front of LOL the lights will move around and made a nice background for a photo LOL… – 3 -” Afterwards we went to godiva for free chocolate (if you’re a rewards member you get one free a month, so be sure to sign up for it, it’s free :D) and we saw a pretty chandelier at Juicy Couture so I dragged her in to help me take a photo because i LOVEE chandeliers :3

chandeliers :3

I also love the staircase, so pretty! Must have that and the chandelier in my future house! I also got a new coat (seen in the picture) for only $20 since it was on sale. I really wanted a beige/tan coat that’s so popular in Japanese magazines, and I finally got it!! 😀 it was actually pretty warm too, so it’s a good deal haha


bonus picture! it only snowed (like real snow, not snow/rain that doesn’t stick) once so far this year, which is quite weird. it’s really warm (not complaining since i only wear dresses, skirts, shorts + tights), so i really do think global warming is happening and we’re rushing towards that 2012 phenomenon. or maybe i’m just too pessimistic haha… but i did get slightly better, i don’t really want the world to end 😦 i’m finally meeting people that i feel are real friends, my hobby, etc I really want to see how my life plays out now 😀

anyways that’s all for the food part, next post will be make up and photoshoots! 😀 hope i didn’t bore anyone 😛

 judyhime chan♥


3 thoughts on “Start of 2012 Snapshots – Food

  1. You ate/made so much yummy food~ I’m glad you had fun making all of it ^^
    lol I like your comment about your omurice too – the second option you wrote sounds better than the original ;P

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