Recent Photoshoots (Jan & Feb)

Since the last post about my photoshoots, I did two and a half (the half was a quick one i had my friend do for me as practice) more! First one was done at Roosevelt Island and I had three photographers taking my photos at the same time haha It was a bit hard because I wasn’t sure who I’m supposed to look at, so I just took turns looking at each of them LOL and they were all telling me different ways to pose or look!! So I had to try my best to listen to each one and make sure they’re happy LOL The weirdest part was when they were taking pictures of me, a random guy walked towards us and started taking pictures of me too for awhile and then he left. I hope he doesn’t do anything weird with my photos, and I was wondering why the two guy photographers (that pointed him out to me) didn’t do anything about it -______-”

Since I was so tense, J had to show me “Troublemaker” MV on his phone since that was the look we were going for. And omg… whenever J has a photoshoot with me it’s always cold D: either that or that’s the day I always have the lightest outfits on LOL here are three of my favorite shots, from J and from S. V (the other photographer) made my face look big so I don’t really want to share those photos LOL!! well it was his second time (i think?) doing portraits and I think he literally took it as portraits, as in just face and super up close >_<” he usually does more scenery/landscapes, so i forgive him LOL


(outfit breakdown in case anyone’s interested; dress forever21, shoes steve madden)

this was my favorite shot since it’s my first time trying to do the “sexy” look haha… i hope i succeeded. i also love how the background were buildings, and since i was wearing black it made it pop. i know, i have to work on my expression >__<” any pointers on that would be helpful! i try everyday to practice in the mirror, but i’m so bad at controlling my face? LOL!!

by oneself~

love the color editting 🙂

we went there when the sun was still up and stayed until sundown, so cold >_< so afterwards we had my favorite, shabu shabu! 😀

then since I was told to work on my expressions, i had my friend C do a photoshoot for me at her house (finally found a person with a nice corner in their house haha!). apparently the ones with the magazine tears on the floor came out looking like a magazine editoral, so i’m happy with the results 🙂 here’s my two favorite shots~

where is my mind?

top; random asian store | shorts forever21 | socks steve madden

first time applying falsies myself!

I also finally learned how to apply falsies by myself! a friend of mine challenged me to take a before and after pic, where i look totally different afterwards. so i did a smokey eye and tried falsies for the first time. i couldn’t find my tweezers or this other tool to put falsies on so i just used my hand and did whatever LOL it worked so I guess tools aren’t really necessary. learning this will also be beneficial for my future photoshoots (which was true, since i had to do it a week afterwards haha) towards the end of the day it was coming off at the corner of my eyes, so i had to adjust it at whole foods and all the guys were just staring at me LOL!!! fun memory haha

The last photoshoot was for P’s photography assignment, where he had to take black and white films of an ad. He wanted to do an accessory ad and have it all dolled up and such, so he asked me to be his model for it (finally!! he said he was going to use me as a model last semester, but because his group changed their mind I never go to do the doll photoshoot, but finally got to do it this semester!). He just finished developing the photos, and said he’ll scan and photoshop/crop a bit before sending to me, so for now i’ll just show my make up and outfit from the shoot ^^

original make up

since i had to look “doll like” i tried a different type of falsies, but i thought my eye looked too round at the corner so i changed up the eye make up a bit. This was also my first time trying to do a gyaru make up with falsies and all. :3 here’s the final look i went for;

at the set~

i also tried using bbcream for the first time since i thought he wouldn’t photoshop my skin, i had to have flawless doll like skin right? XD though it didn’t make a difference on my face -__-” anyways that’s P in the background setting up the backdrop while i imitated the girls in the references.


dress; liz lisa modified by me | petticoat; two both made by me | tights; charlotte russe | shoes (not pictured); 2 maos (japanese) | necklace; betsey johnson | watch; guess

He wanted me to wear a lolita dress, but since I didn’t have, I had him choose a hime gyaru dress I had and stayed up until 1AM sewing up a petticoat to make it fluff up like a lolita dress. I also took apart the original bow at the waist so i can make a second bow for my head. I think the outcame came out pretty doll like, so I’m glad 😀

Now I’m talking with another photographer friend F about a photoshoot, and I really like the concepts we’ve throwing around, so I can’t wait for that photoshoot! 😀 So stay tuned for photos from that one ^^

Next entry will be on make up and recent purchases haha. Don’t want my posts to be so random with all sorts of things in one post @__@”

judyhime chan♥


2 thoughts on “Recent Photoshoots (Jan & Feb)

  1. I’m still waiting for those scans – P should hurry up!! lol jk Yay to you getting more modeling experience! I hope you’ll get more opportunities to do lots of different kinds~

    • haha he should!!! XD well i was hanging out with him on wednesday and he showed me the process of developing film photography, pretty cool! he says he’ll put up one of the digital shots later, but he hasn’t yet X__X” haha

      hehe thanks! i hope so too~ but i wish i can do a glamorous shot once T__T”

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