Liz Lisa Fukubukuro 2012

It’s that time of the year when fukubukuro are coming out! I’ve been debating about Liz Lisa’s this year (well that’s the only brand I have ever bought hehe) But I’ve been slowly dressing a bit more mature, I mean I still wear Liz Lisa but I dress it in a different way, so I’m not sure if there’s a point of buying more XD I just like the bag this year, but not really the content. Oh, and the luggage too! So cuteee

isn't it cute? :3

if the sister brand, jugeetta had, I would probably have gotten theirs instead XD

are any of you getting any fukubukuro’s this year? 😀

judy himechan ♥


One thought on “Liz Lisa Fukubukuro 2012

  1. You should see if any of your other friends are interested in buying it too – that way you can split the cost and content. Or you can save your money for something you want more ^^

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