Challenge Accepted!

This week I took on a challenge (well I guess I brought it upon myself) of doing three different photoshoots in on week, and all were different styles and concept, as well as getting out of my comfort zone.

The first one was the lingerie shoot that I mentioned in my previous entry. The photographer (K) gave me the rest of the images, and I really love how he made it look so dreamy. My current banners are from the shoot, he gave me 12 edited images, and I chose 6 to use as my banners, so each page you will see a random one 🙂  Thank you K for pushing me out of my comfort zone and trying out lingerie, which I’m glad I did because I love lingerie hahaha now I can model my own designs in the future 🙂

lingerie shoot ♥

The second shoot this week was with my sister’s boyfriend (J). He wants to practice photography and I want to practice modeling, so it was perfect. I wanted three different Japanese style looks, a more mature, a cutesy and a wintery look. So I did a Liz Lisa coat and bag outfit, Liz Lisa lace dress and white fur ear muffs, and lastly the same dress with a white fur capelet. I was stupid and didn’t listen to K, he warned me that day would be cold and dress warm; I was stupid to wear a lace dress since wind goes right through -______-” But I wanted to look cute, and it gave me a challenge to look natural and not cold even though it was FREEZING. I hope I did well. J gave me two pictures he edited so far, I love one of them. :3

It was also really funny. Since I was really cold, I asked if I can go home after about an hour or so, and J was like WHAT? THAT’S IT!? NO YOU KEEP MODELING THAT’S NOT ENOUGH! So we stayed for another hour, my hands were red and my legs were turning purple LOL but it was a good experience, as my friend said if I ever do professional, sometimes it will be in worse conditions. So thank you J for pushing me to do it hahaha and we got some good pictures out of it too

Japanese style photoshoot~

The photoshoot today also pushed me out of my comfort zone in two ways; I had to wear clothes I haven’t worn in at least two, three years because it isn’t my style anymore (jeans and jean shorts haha) and secondly, we shot in this very grungy, abandoned place. It was really dirty, with lots of tree branches, mold, dirt, etc etc I’m quite germaphobic (spelling? LOL) and was really hesitant to be touching, sitting or leaning on these kind of things, but I wanted to be professional about it. I knew to get good photos I had to do it, so I got out of my comfort zone and did it, and also didn’t really think about what if my clothes get dirty, as I used to think that way. So it also made me realize another change in me; materialistic things does not matter to me anymore 🙂

love the photographer's angling ♥

We did three outfit changes, and I tried a lot of different poses and did a serious look, which was also a challenge for me since I’m usually a hyper and happy person LOL So I hope I did well haha I want to be the type of model that can do all different types of styles and looks, rather than being locked into one style only. I also realized, I’m the opposite of those Popteen models haha In magazines they dress in cute style, but in real life they are more casual; I dress more mature, chic, plain and simple for photoshoots (except for the one I get to choose my own concepts) and in real life I like to dress in lacey, frilly cutesy style haha

close up look

my new earmuffs and one of the outfits from today :3

I also tried to do three different type of make up for the shoots hehe. Today’s was thicker eyeliner, which I took Hyuna ♥ as my inspiration

hyuna, my goddess ♥

if I can be half as pretty or hot as her, I will be satisfied for life LMAO love how she can be both sexy and cute, which is what I’m aiming for 🙂

so my MAJOR news year resolution is to improve on modeling, and all aspects regarding it (like getting more fit XD haha~) I hope to do a lot more photoshoots :3

judy himechan♥


2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted!

  1. Your pictures look great! It’s good to challenge yourself, ne? ^^ Good luck with your future shoots!

    • thank you :3
      hehe it is! it pushes us to learn new things, which i’m really glad for 😀 i’m glad all these people push me to my extremes hahahhahahaha otherwise i would be lazy and not do it -____-”
      thank you! next time, you can come and help us with the poses haha :3

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