My dream job~

I really need to stick to my words and blog more XD I guess that can be my New Years Resolution, I should at least blog once a week!

Something that not many people know, but in junior high/high school, I decided that one of my dream job was to be a model (I guess because one of my cousin is so I always envied her XD), but I never knew where to start and I thought I wasn’t pretty enough (especially because that’s the awkward phase, what was I thinking!? LOL). I told my dad about my dream job this summer, but he didn’t seem to think I would make a good model T__T” Something about me not being tall enough (or does he think I’m not pretty enough either?! D:) However, recently my friend asked me to help her friend out with a photoshoot as a model, which reawaken my dream again 🙂 I am super grateful for my friends~

I share some of my favorite shots from the photoshoots. I did a few with my new friends, from the Asian drama-esque, posed to lingerie shots. I really want to practice doing different types of photoshoots, I think it will also benefit me in the future when I finish making my garments for school I can model it myself 🙂 They always say its better for the producer to show off their own work right? Haha (or at least that’s what a friend told me… haha)

from the first set (the one in my previous entry)

from the drama-esque one.

posed one. trying to do a sexy shot haha i hope i did not fail XDDD

one of my favorite shots, i really love how she edited the colors in this one 🙂

from the lingerie shoot, but you can't see it in this picture haha

One of my new years resolution would be to improve on modeling so I can do more photoshoots next year 🙂 Hoping to work with the two photographers from above and two other ones that I know haha

Recently, I also got to hang out with a friends I don’t usually get to see, so I’m really happy about that too. So glad that it’s winter break and I can finally catch up on things I wanted to do.

Oh and I’m hoping to buy an overlock machine soon so I can make clothes at home. I have to make some interesting clothes for photoshoots right? LOL I guess I have finally found my hobbies! Before when people asked me, I was so dumbfounded, I wasn’t sure what hobby I had (shopping, eating and internet do not count right? LOL) but now I can happily say modeling and sewing 😀 Those are the only two things I enjoy right now haha

I was chatting with one of the photographer friends about if the world is going to end in 2012. And I realized a change in myself. I used to want 2012 to happen, I guess I was really depressed then, however recently I have become more and more happy and I really don’t want the world to end anymore. Maybe it’s because I have found what I love, or the new people I’ve met really make me happy and want to live again 🙂 So I am so grateful for these people, without them I think I will still be pessimisttic but I think I can finally be optimistic again.

I realized a lot of changes in myself this year, I guess it’s part of growing up huh? I like it 😀 I hope to learn more and more each year and learn more about myself either. A guy asked me what I wanted in a boyfriend, I listed a few requirements but then I realized, I’m not too sure of it myself anymore. Maybe because I don’t know myself well enough, how can I know what I want in other people? So I still have awhile to go before I can finally love and understand myself.

Oh and my friend installed an app on my iPhone (finally!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) and I’m so obessed with it haha. Here is what I can do with it~

my favorite app~

 judyhime chan♥


2 thoughts on “My dream job~

  1. I’m glad you’ve found more things to be happy about and that you’ve been able to grow so much within the year! ❤ lol good thing you explained the "drama-esque" pic b/c I was gonna say that we need to talk on Thurs XD

    You've always been pretty (even during jr.high aka the awkward years). I think you feel prettier now though because you've gained more confidence in expressing your style and opinions ^^

    • aww thank you ❤ un, im really glad the way things turned out! i remember i thought it was the end of the world in april, and now at the end of the year, i feel like it is the start of something new for me 🙂 So i'm really glad hehe, thank you 😀
      LMAOO we can still talk about it Thursday 8D

      LMAO WHAT!!!!! i don't believe you~! LOLOL I wanted to hide all the time hahahha
      but I agree, confidence and being able to express onself really does change and better a person 🙂 I'm glad I am able to choose my own style now and say what's on my mind now XD Thank you 🙂 Can't wait to see you thursday!!!

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