Soompi Ulzzang Contest Round 2!

So many things has happened since my last post here! I’ve been so caught up with school work >__<” A happy update on my specialization selection, I got into intimate apparel block! Which was possible after staying up all night in my school’s computer lab with dozens of other 5th semester students, waiting impatiently for 7AM to click on the button. So glad that I did stay up for it, I can’t wait for next semester to come already! ♥

Secondly, I’ve entered in Soompi’s 2011 Ulzzang contest. Surprisingly (since they said it’s mostly based on how many friends you have on Soompi, and I don’t have any on there XD) I made it to the second round! Here is my submission, and I would really appreciate it if you can vote for me! The link is here My username is judyjudychan . Thank you so much ♥ I’m so worried, there is so man pretty girls in it > u <”

my contest entry~

My outfit from an event, trying a different style.

Make up I did for the photoshoot

That day was the day I had a photoshoot, which was a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to have more 😀 The only downside was the make up artist never showed up, so I ran home to do my make up and went back, which was fine since I prefer to use my own make up XD

I want to share a song that I am currently addicted to. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, and I can really relate to it during parts of my past relationship (not all, as he was sweet and a good listener other times).

I reallyyyy want that jacket and white fluffly sweater the actress in the MV is wearing, so if anyone sees it, please let me know! XD

I’ll update with more pictures of my very eventful November tomorrow 🙂


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