Autumn Night Photoshoot ♥

Yesterday night, Sarah, Victor and I went to do a photoshoot at a lovely park in Long Island City~ The view of the skyline was amazing, and I loveeeeed the sound of the water splashing onto the rocks underneath the dock. I wish I can live in a loft by there >”< It’ll be my new goal! (I’ve always wanted a loft, at least now I know the location hahaha XD)

Sarah, Me & Victor on the train~

Both Victor and Sarah helped me take photos (though Victor took more his hands shook less XD) and I really loved the photos~ I think they are both very good photographers > u <” Thanks guys ♥

my new face~ you like? ;D

Here are a few of my favorites~

my favorite one~ :3

i like how he angled the picture > U <"!


Sarah took this one, i love it~ if only my face was a lil lighter ^^"

wish i had a bf to fill that empty seat next to me hahahaha~ XD

i’m flyingggggg~~ > 3<“

Top, Skirt & Vest; from night market in Taiwan
Necklace & Bracelet; Liz Lisa
Bag; ans
Boots; Charlotte Russe (modified by me, I made and sewed on the bows)
Headband; offbrand
Rings; Forever21

Anddd~~ FOTD! I was trying to do a Cyndi Wang inspired look for an upcoming tutorial~ I just got to learn how to use falsies and then I can make the video! :3 I also tried my new Mentholatum Water Color Kissy Pink lip balm~ By itself was a really strong orange-y pink, which does not match me at all >”< So here, I layered it over my Canmake lip concealer (I just bought the Candy Doll lip concealer which i’m waiting for to arrive to make a review!) to make softer 🙂 I don’t think I’ve mastered her look yet, I think my eyeliner was too thick, but I’ll try again tomorrow hehe! ^^

FOTD 2011/10/07

I also tried the Earl Gray Tea & Macaroon mask my friend gave me~ It was really refreshing, like their other masks. It was very moisturizing but it felt a bit thicker than my rose one, and the smell wasn’t as strong~ But it still made my face really smooth now hehe ^^

judyhime. ♥


8 thoughts on “Autumn Night Photoshoot ♥

  1. XD looks like a really fun mini photoshoot! 😀 😀
    😮 did Victor use a DSLR? The pictures look pretty!

  2. so pretty~ I like the first, second, and last pics the best! (and your new face XD lol)

    After reading your review I decided to try the mask – you were right and I love it ^^ Thankies for the review!

    • hehe thank you~ > U <"♥ my favorite is the first one too~ hehehe
      wasn't it good?? :3 you could try other flavors too~ if you want to trade a piece (that's what my friend and I did), i don't mind~ 🙂

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