NYFW 2011 Sept 15~

Being a fashion design student, I’ve always wanted to attend NYFW, but never got the chance to since I wasn’t sure how to get in! haha~ > u <” Luckily, I started an internship this semester and they gave me a ticket to go to one of the events. It was really exciting to enter the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week building for the first time! However, the lobby was smaller than I thought~~ But it did have a lot of cool booths, such as the Tresemme Salon, Maybelline studio and of course a Mercedes-Benz display (I love shiny cars~ > u <“!).

I was nervous too since I didn’t know where to go, and a man stopped me to take a picture of me (and countless of other people who took it without asking me >”<) and chatted with me, and then a lady from a shoe blog took a picture of my shoes XD

Finally I entered the event, and I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t sure what kind of event it was supposed to be since my internship never told me XD i realized sure enough when I saw tall tables without seats and lots of drinks – a meet and greet event. Fortunately for me, a lady talked to me first and we stuck to each other the whole night as we chatted with all different kinds of people. A guy at the Daily newspaper even asked if I was a model for the type of clothes I wore~ I wish D: I don’t know where to find modeling opportunities~

It was a lot of fun and interesting experience~ I’m so glad my professor told me to go since I was unsure of attending~ and very grateful that one of my close friends Sarah told me to dress as I usually do, because it made a good topic starter for many people. A lot of people came up to talk or take a picture of me because of what I wore > u <”

Here’s what I wore (everything was from Japan, except my headband and necklace was Betsey Johnson)~

I really love this dress since my dad gave it to me as a present and my favorite model, Yui, wore it when she went to a Taiwan event~ so double reasons :3 And of course, my make up was inspired by her, and here are shots of it;

I’m excited for next year’s NYFW! I’ll try to find a way to go again hehe~ :3

judyhime. ♥


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