Please Pray for Japan~!

March 11, 2011 was one of the scariest day i’ve ever heard about, the Great Tohoku Earthquake followed by the big tsunami and nuclear problems and then the volcano >"< it really makes me cry~ and i hope my friend can find her friend in Japan!
I’ve been praying everyday and almost every minute about the safety of the people in Japan and hoping that the situation will get better soon, and I hope everyone can do the same for Japan! This is so devastating and heartbreaking. >"<

I really want to help out some way, but being all the way in the States is hard to do any physical helping, so the best thing we can do here is to donate! I’ve already donated through the Red Cross, which I think is one of the safest way to do so, so if you can please also donate! Just go to and go to the donate funds or you can text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation~
Also, maybe you play several online games because they allow you to donate through there too such as Poupee Girl.
Or you can donate clothes/food/money to Japan directly here,
List of other donation sites
If everyone can donate a little bit, it adds up and will really help out Japan~

My Japanese class will be discussing this week on what kind of fundraising event we should do to help raise money for donation~ I hope when we finalize and do it, a lot of people will come and donate! 
My school will also be doing a volunteer event to collect items to send to t, where we send care packages to the children in Japan. 

Let’s all pray for Japan~~

i found out about this through this site, so you can read that first and help out the animal rescuers!


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