Japanese Fashion Show

Last last week I attended this fashion show at my school~~~ They had a lot of lovely cosplays, however there was only about i think 16 different ones, not much variety >__<” And it was pretty short, which was the downside of it~ However! The interesting part of the show was that they had two makeup segements, one where the Japanese Makeup artist, Akiko, (who flew in from Japan~!!) did a Lolita and a Mana makeup on two different girls, it was really pretty~ And then her and her assistants came back out to do a makeup show, where in a few minutes they transformed three girls into looking like those broken Japanese dolls. It was really cool and unique makeup! Although I’m not really into cosplay or lolita anymore, it was still an interesting show to attend~~ They also mentioned gyaru a bit, so i was happy haha.

I spotted a Liz Lisa  I think it was the one that came out a year before the one I got last year~~

some of the models of the show~

they were really pretty! and tall too~ O w O”

He had a very beautiful and very detailed cosplay from some Visual Kei band~
And you see the large fiberwig in the back? They were giving out free fiberwig mascaras~ I’m really thankful for that, mine was running out! haha~

here is the lovely Akiko-san and me~~ Sorry for the lack of makeup! I had school early in the morning so didn’t have time to put it on~~ >”<!! But her makeup was really nice and her hair! Omg so cute~ it has that two tone look with lighter hair on the bottom~ I loved her outfit as well~ You can’t really see it here, but it had this really long chiffon skirt~she and her assistant had to keep pulling it up to keep it from getting stepped on > u <”

two models from the make up show~

and the last model from the show~ she was so cute and really nice!!
people asked to take pictures of me or just took it without asking me lol @__@”~~
outfit run down;
Dress; Ma*rs
Bag; Liz Lisa
Tights; Betsey Johnson
Bolero, Necklace; from smaller Japanese brands
bracelet, headband; off brand
Shoes; i made the bow myself to put on it~ XD otherwise, the shoe itself is from taiwan and i removed the original bow haha~

recent picture of me with some light make up on when i went out of my boyfriend and japanese friends~ my eyes were swollen so couldn’t put too heavy of makeup~ and in my very warm liz lisa white coat > u <“!

and what i was wearing inside~ my new Liz Lisa one piece, fukubukuro bag i got, betsey johnson rose necklace~ i love them all so much~~

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I’m thinking of switching to another blogging site~ Any suggestions?? I see a lot of girls using blogspot? Is that good??~ ^^”

judyhime. ♥


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